Friday, January 4, 2008

Ironing ironong ironing....

Iron, iron, iron, thats all i did today.

People think decorating weddings is all very glamerous - but it so just isnt!!! Its hard labourous work - especially when the wedding is over.

Im in the process of obtaining some lycra chair covers that dont require ironing, but at this stage i still have the cotton ones. It takes 5 minutes to iron a cover and tie, so times that by 160!!! Thats what i have to do over the nexct couple of days!!! Yes, very glamerous!!!

But i do get to watch all the latest DVDs!!!

So here is my daily photo. Day 199. After spending all day ironing and watching dvds, but also drugged up on panadine for a headache that has persisted all day. I think as its windy. its blown in somthing which has given me sinus and therefore a headache!!!

I thought id share this with you!! Shores in the 21st century!!! We can mow the lawn and still orgaise ones social life!! Mobile phones, where would we be without them!!!

Thats it for today. Doing a cybersrop tonight at ScrapwithV. Should be fun. Seeya

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