Sunday, January 20, 2008

Day 215....... Scrap scrap scrap

What a perfect day.......

Hubby and Son left on their bikes this morning in two minds about joining the Wolverines Bikers Pocker Run to Uralla today. They left early to meet the local guys and then rode to Tamworth..

Which left me at home to loll about in my pjs and scrap... which is juust what i did.... ah - perfect!!!

But at 11.00am who muscles his way up the driveway!!! The husnband!! How rude!! He was supposed to be gone all day - he knew i was happily rejoicing in my own company and came home just to destroy it im sure!!!

but as it turns out, he wasnt feeling that well and after his recent collision on the gocarts his back wasnt handling the ride to well!!

So here i am in my morning glory, in pjs, havnt combed hair or brushed the teeth and see how happy i am!!! Scrapbooking prepared on the table!!!

But i did manage to get the project i was working on done... dispite the inteuption of having to shower and get dressed!!! So rude!!!! Whats wrong with my pjs, they are ok... The body is covered!! And dont come too close and you wont even smell my breath!! Besides, it will be buried under countless cups of coffee soon anyway if you'll jsut leave me alone!!!!!


I'll get dressed before i take my photo tomorrow - I promise!!!

1 comment:

Julie said...

Hi Jodi, I found you via Megs fab blog! How could your DH not be well enough to come to our big city of Uralla! lol Actually it has been a fairly miserable day weather wise, can't make up it's mind. Hope he is feeling better.


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