Monday, January 14, 2008

Day 204 - Two Worlds Await!!!

Today we did the two world pass with Dreamworld and White Water World..
Josh and i did the BIG 6 RIDES!!!!!! I am legend!!!!
I wasnt scared and didnt spew!!! The total best one by far was the Tower or Terror!! Its totally awesome!!
Here is day 204 photo.....

My hubby took this one i am sure the shock me back into weight loss!!! It worked!! Scary!!

With this ride you dont even have time to think "Oh my god im gonna die!!" The worlds only finally come out when you stop at the bottom. Iits hilarious waiting, you here the ride go up and then fly down - there are no screams and as soon as it hits the bottom, thats when they all scream!!!

The boys thought this one sucked.. I didnt do t, i was so sick of lining up that this stage!!
And of course, gorgeous emelia....

She found a summer love....

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