Sunday, January 20, 2008

Megs..... 7 Random Facts

Hi Meg, sorry i havnt done this yet, i got so bogged down with work that i forgot about it..

Of 7 random facts about me:

1. Umm, I think with both my left and right brain which makes me both creative and logical in thinking!!! Far more superior that my DH who only thinks his right!!!! (Although, i do come under intense ridicule from all of my right side brain thinkers Family!!) They say its because im only using a VERY small portion of each side and my brain needs all the help it can get!!!! Mungrels!!! LOL

2. I love watching the Family Guy!! Those people are so disturbingly funny!!!!

3. Scrapbooking is now so much more than a hobby - its quite embarrasing..... Rather than sneak food when people arnt looking, I sneak to my computer for the scrap forums or my current layout while no one is looking!!! And yes, i have quite often spent my last dollar on scrap supplies!!!

4. I hate arogance. There is a huge difference between confident people and arogant people!!! I live with two arogant people and they really irritate me when they get in that frame of mind!!!

5. I totally love my family and my Mum & Baby brother....

6. I wish I was a better photographer. Im sure that that is what is letting my submissions down!! Come on photos get with the program!!!!

7. I love McDonalds cuppacinnos on skim milk, decaf with 3 equal and carrot cake and cream. That is my treat to myself and Mum when we finish pulling down a wedding. A small thing after weeks of work!! I think we deserve that little luxury!!!

Ok, there are my 7 random facts. Now i have to message 7 other people to share their facts......


I will pick:

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Kat Browne said...

hehe, already loaded up my 7 sweetie, though haven't picked my victims... er... friends to tag lol.

Also, those mysterious pages I've been meaning to upload? They're on the blog, in the gallery (Peta's are gallery bound, too!), and they've even been subbed to SM. Busy evening, huh?

Loving the daily pics of you! Keep up the great work! And your mum rocks at the forums! Can't wait to get to know her better!


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