Monday, January 14, 2008

Day 206.... A very self endulgent day!!

Look at this photo!! How tired am i!! And i was too..
The day started at 9.00 with a full luxury facial..complete with shoulder, neck, arm, feet and head massage... Oh, how luxurious!! It took an hour and 3/4.... Lovely!!!
But then, i had a hot rock massage with stress relief oils..... Talk about relaxed!! The beautician said that at the end of the day i will just drop!!! Pity, at the end of the day i was 80ms away from the resort!!
After the facial i drove down to cyberscraps to see Cath and do some scrapping with the girls
Cath and i got a few things sorted out with online classes and then kaylene, kylie, peta, cass and Lu turned up to scrap!! What a great night. I got a layout done too. My first for the shop.. WIll uopload later;..

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