Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Day 225.... Back to School - Well half anyway

Half my kids were back at school today.... But the cheering will really start tomorrow!!!

No not really

I love school holidays..... Now the kids are older, they are really no trouble. But Josh worked all the holidays anyway so i never saw him!!!

Its going to be a big year this year. HSC year for us and DS is wanting to do medicine.... so..... I really dont know how the stress levels will take it. But at the end of the day - Im not a nagging type of person, so if he works he will get rewarded, if not than he wont get the marks... and really HSC is just the beginning when it comes to this kind of thing.. of he wont study now than hes not gonna study in Uni....

Here is my photo for today.... day 225..... Getting through them now....

Hopefully gonna get some scrapping done tonight...
Seeya tomorrow

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