Monday, June 30, 2008

It had to happen......

Ive got afew photos to share today...

But the big news is, she come a gutser!!! It had to happen.
Emelia has been going so well on the horse. So shes been getting gamer and taking the jumps we made today.
She did the log ok and then the tires, but wanted to do the barrels..... And she did!! Took the jump beautifully and then as she landed started to slip and she fell on her face!!!! Poor kid. Into a heap of catheads!!!
Here she is very proud of herself!!

Taking the log beautifully!!

Here is Cimmi looking at the barrels. She didnt even bawk at it, she just sniffed it and then took the jump first go!!!
There is a really beaut shed at the paddock... great for backdrops.... So here is a photo of me for anyone so missing them.... LOL....
There was a layout swap at ScrapwithV. I swapped with Wendy. What a lovely layout she did for me!!! And so different from my style!! Love the lacy hanky!!

Here is a better photo of the layout from last night
Here is a very rare photo of Josh!!! He doesnt let me take his photo!! Yay!!
And some roos in the paddock!!! See how big these guys are!!

So thats my arvo... It was cleaning day today.. you dont need to know about that!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

What a day!!!

What a day its been today..
Started off well, sleeping in til 9.45am and then staying in bed with Jamie until about 11.00am!! The DD came into bed with me and talked and talked and talked...... cant read with all that talking, so i got out of bed...
DS wanted picklets for breakie so i cooked them...

So will a belly full of carbohydrates, DD and i went out to the horse paddock to mack some jumps for Cimmi!!!! That was hard work!! We walked around the whole paddock looking for stuff. We found heaps of barrels and tires.... a big log. So we rolled and kicked them all into place and made a little jumping ring..

They are all there, the barrels at the front, the log jump to the left and the tires over the back
Cimmi was very hessitant..... She galloped off when she saw them and DD had a bit of trouble to pull her up...
Here she is "stepping" over the log. That was the only one we takled today.... But Emelia was stocked about it!!!
Look at the beautiful scenery we have to ride in......
Here are the layouts ive been doing this weekend.... Used up alot of older supplies for this one. "Scraparooney Day" Kinda looks like it might have been a "Pip" sketch, but it wasnt.. Maybe it may have been a while ago??? LOL
Here is a layout i did at Chookscraps today. Kathy did this class. The photo isnt the best. All the colours are really bright!!!
This photo is more like the colours.

So that was my day??? How was yours..

I will jump on the scales tomorrow and see if i have kept off those 3 kilos i lot in the first 3 days of the week and then worked hard to put back on towards the end of the week...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Day Scrapping!!!

Who wants to go outside in this weather??
I was cold ALL DAY today!! Didnt help that the boys kept leaving all the doors open and turning off the air con!!!
So I stayed in and scrapped today. I had intended to work on the new Scraparooney kits today, but i thought id better get Junes Monthly DOuble up packs done first!!! I hate having pizza boxes backed up.
I still have last months SIssy pack not finished and then this months arrived last week, so will work on them too.

Anyway with the remnants of the Scraparooney kit i did this layout. Lots of stamping....
"My Journey"

Then some of the new papers i bought at Brisbane did this layout with Kat and Peta.... "These Girls"
Using Pips Double up kit... "Early Morning Drive"
And also "Little Moments"
Im going to be kind to myslef tonight. I totally LOVE all the layouts Brenda has done with her kit, so i am going to cheat and copy them.... They are so nice.. Have you seen them?? Go check out her blog... Here
Righteo, seeyas later..
Oh, hangon... DO you recall Lisa A..... She has made several comment on my blog and some funny dares... She aslo has a new blog.. or should i say, her dog has a new blog. Go check it out. Here.
Ok, done now... Now you can go... Seeya!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Some More Pages

I didnt blog yesterday.... how weird is that!!!!

The weight loss is ok.. i think ive had my big loss though... Its coming onto that time of the month when i get so hungry and crave chocolate!!! And i get cranky if i dont get it!!!! So.. thats just the way it is. I will be as good as possible....

Here are my final two layouts from last months scraparooney pack.

Cowboy take me away... Love the toilet roll paiting!!!

And Pamily Rivals... So what you can do when you run out of "Ls"!!!!

Been horsing this arvo. Baking roast lamb for tea... yummo!!!
Made some honey carrots just for DD, but shes cranky now as she cant go to the local PCYC disco tonight.... so now she wont eat them... Oh well!! In the fridge for tomorrow!! :(
Hopw you have a great weekend. As far as it stands now, i have the weekend off!! Yippee!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Down some more!!

Gotta tell ya ladies, im really happy so far!!
Nearly 3 kilos loss in two days!! How fat am i???
I suspect its all fluid as i have done nothing but wee wee!!!!
Here is yesterdays layout from Brendas scraparooney pack - June!!!
Your should see Julys!! WOW!! Me want, me want!!!!
Thats me for today... back to the paperwork!! Grrr

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Day one of me wieght loss challenge and I lost 1.4kgs!!! WOW!!!
Urmmm, does that sorta indicate the amount i need to use???? LOL

But i am really happy with that.
I ate salada, cheese and tomatoes for lunch and a snack, potatoe and steak and veges for tea and cereal and milk for breakie. A large maccas latta and some fruit.....
Plus an excruiating walk to Porky!!! It killed!!!!!

So yay!!!!

Anyway, yesterday was so funny.... Cimmi was being naughty so we called in the "Big Guns"..... ME!!!! Poor Cimmi didnt know what landed ontop of her....
Anyway, after I finally got on the damn thing... and shes only 13.5 hands!!!!! She tried to get me off, with a big of a pig roote!!! Yeh, like your going to get this lump off your back!!!

I rode her around and did some circles and she was good after a while... Emelia got back on and she was much much better.. Mind you, prior to that she had bolted on Emelia and ran into some trees. Emelia cut her finger.... rotten thing, shes so smart in the cutest way!!

See this photo.. she knows what shes in for - shes trying to push me of the log so i cant get on her back!! I had another horse that used to do this all time time!!! LOL
And Here i am... DOnt i look scared!! Well, it has been maybe... ummm, 18 years since i was on a horse!! But its like riding a bike, after your've done it for so long, it all comes back!!!
Shes was much nicer for Emelia after... Just had to keep a tight reign!!
Now the fun stuff!!

Went to Brendas today with Mum & Michelle. Its always such great fun!! Oh, you should see the New sissy pack!!! So Cute!! And those birdies.... you gotta check it out!!!
Anway, I was still working on last months pack today....
Here is a sneak peak as i am waiting for the DM to dry...

So, that was my day. Off to Porky again tonight!! I was so stiff last night, but once warmed up today was ok.....

Its freezing... we go after tea baout 7pm and its dark and freezing!! We have our little head lights on.....

Monday, June 23, 2008

D Day..... A New Challenge Begins

This challenge is a way to make myself accountable without having to pay $600+ a month to see a weight loss advisor, when i am the one doing all the work anyway....
Make sense?? I think so too...

So here i am day one.
After shocking myself to see what i weigh on the scales, i think setting myself the goal of losing 22 kilos in a year sounds feasible.....

So who else is in... who wants to join me??

Leave a comment with a link to your blog, so we can encourage each other, whether its 5 kilos of 50, we are all in the same boat!!!

I have a plan.
I am following a program that i was on before, only eating MY OWN food this time!!
I am haing 6400 kilajoules a day.
Without counting, my food intake will be thus:
Fruit 4 servings
Vegetables 5 Servings
Grain 6 servings
Meat 6 servings
Milk 2 servings
Fat 3 servings

I ahve a book that tells me which foods contain what and how many servings are in each.

So lets make a start!!!!

Now that the DM is dry, here is the final product that i will submit to SC under undiscovered talent.

And closer

Have a great Monday everyone. Im off to clean the house now.

Scrapping at Brendas tomorrow, thats enough incentive to get my work done!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Finally a new layout

After doing the fairy photo shoot, ive had a layout in mind....
It was just making it happen.
I bought the most gorgeous K & Company papers while i was away, with mushrooms and things. Lovley bright colours and Brenday got in some of these lovely Mushroom chipboards from Buzz & Bloom - Lusi Austin.
This is what i did...
"Theres a fairy in the bottom of my garden"

I made a big 3D Mushroom and then layered the flowers and things ontop. Its quite thick and heavy...

I had the last supper tonight before the new challenge starts tomorrow.
Are you ready girls.....

I have a food program worked out, as well as the excercise. I know if i stcik to it, i will loose wieght very quickly!!!
Seeya tomorrow...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Its Freezzzzzing Today!!! Brrrr

Can you believe how cold it is today!!! Its freezing here....
Let me see the temp....9 degrees. Ok, not quite freezing, but damn close!!!

Went to the markets today and bought some new flowers for my vase. CAn you believe that this bunch cost $16!!! WOW!!!

And look at this centrepiece!!!
Right next to the flowers is my basket full of mini albums.... I have heaps of them!! Time to start doing some for friends and not keeping them i think!!!
Hope you have had a pleasant Saturday!!! I want to stay in bed with Jamie tomorrow!! Although, hes a bit skinny now from the famine and living in a cave..... and then living in gaol, shakled.... not a nice look for the big fella!!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

More Rainy Day Activities

Here is a Mini Brag Book from the Expo that i finished last night.
This was Cassandra Glass's Class.
Its so gorgeous!!!
I decided to make it up with photos of Tracys Kids from when I was there visiting and it hit the mail today!! I hope she likes it!!
On the home front, emelia was crook again today!! Last day! SHe is so not allowed to be sick next week!! Personally, i think she might have taken advantage of my pity as teenagers do!!!

Had Breakie with Brenda and Jack today!! Yay!! I woke up this monring really feeling like scrambled eggs on toast and was hoping for a txt message!! It came through from Jack about 9!! Yay!! I thought!!!

I now also have two new sisters it was decided today!!! But I am the big sister!! Shame to be so old????

We are scrapping next Tuesday Mum...... So dont forget!! Out at Brendas!!!

So thats my day. Very boring I know!!!

Seeya again when i have something interesting to share.... Gonna scrap tonight. Still got some of BRendas pack to do up and also my new sissy pack arrived today!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lovely rainy scrap day!!!

My first day without the 365 day challenge and i still find myslef having to take photos and blog... I suppose it will take a little while to adjust to the fact that i dont have to do it anymore...

Its been raining all day today, a lovely day to spend inside catching up on all my scrap jobs!!

This is a sneak peak at an upcoming Scrap With V Class Kit... "Diva Friends". Gorgeous Paper!!

This is for July Cyberscraps Class... "Home" Its a wall plaque..
This is a class i did at the expo thats been waiting to get completed. Isnt it gorgeous!!!
Tonight i am working on finishing Cass's brag book from the Expo.
So that was my day. Just waiting for BB to start now.....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

THE FINAL PHOTO........ Day 365!!!!


I took my Mums challenge for today's photo in making it magical...... Stu disagreed, he thought it was a bit scary!!!

So here i am with my fairy wings, and crown, my lovely tulle skirt and boa....... Ok, so it is a bit scary!!! (Laugh with me, not at me please!!!!) LOL

I thought the socks really topped off the look!!!
Emelia pulled the look off beautifully!!! She was very cute!! Off school again today due to sickness, but back to school tomorrow!!!

And here we are, a pair of fairies..... That doenst sound right??
This afternoon, as Emelia was feeling better, we decided to do some more riding. She was much more confident with Cimmi today!!! We introduced a little stick to tap her on the backside with when she wants to stopped for a feed!!! It worked wonders.
Emelia is so proud of herself!!
And here are some lovely wattle flowers we say today... so vivid in colour!!
So thats it.... may last day!!!
I dont know what to say!!

Firstly though, a huge thank you to all those lovely people that have followed my progress throughout this year. Some from day one, others for the last six months or so.
Thank you for your encouraging messages and private emails through all my ups and downs.

On Monday we are starting another challenge. A weighloss challenge. I ahve a couple of people joining me, but if you would also like to lose some weight, any amount, please join in with us. We can give each other encourgament and hints along the way. Maybe at the end of the year we will ahve accomplished huge things between us.

So thats it.
I will still be leaving posts regularly... so keep hanging around.
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