Saturday, June 21, 2008

Its Freezzzzzing Today!!! Brrrr

Can you believe how cold it is today!!! Its freezing here....
Let me see the temp....9 degrees. Ok, not quite freezing, but damn close!!!

Went to the markets today and bought some new flowers for my vase. CAn you believe that this bunch cost $16!!! WOW!!!

And look at this centrepiece!!!
Right next to the flowers is my basket full of mini albums.... I have heaps of them!! Time to start doing some for friends and not keeping them i think!!!
Hope you have had a pleasant Saturday!!! I want to stay in bed with Jamie tomorrow!! Although, hes a bit skinny now from the famine and living in a cave..... and then living in gaol, shakled.... not a nice look for the big fella!!!!

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