Monday, June 30, 2008

It had to happen......

Ive got afew photos to share today...

But the big news is, she come a gutser!!! It had to happen.
Emelia has been going so well on the horse. So shes been getting gamer and taking the jumps we made today.
She did the log ok and then the tires, but wanted to do the barrels..... And she did!! Took the jump beautifully and then as she landed started to slip and she fell on her face!!!! Poor kid. Into a heap of catheads!!!
Here she is very proud of herself!!

Taking the log beautifully!!

Here is Cimmi looking at the barrels. She didnt even bawk at it, she just sniffed it and then took the jump first go!!!
There is a really beaut shed at the paddock... great for backdrops.... So here is a photo of me for anyone so missing them.... LOL....
There was a layout swap at ScrapwithV. I swapped with Wendy. What a lovely layout she did for me!!! And so different from my style!! Love the lacy hanky!!

Here is a better photo of the layout from last night
Here is a very rare photo of Josh!!! He doesnt let me take his photo!! Yay!!
And some roos in the paddock!!! See how big these guys are!!

So thats my arvo... It was cleaning day today.. you dont need to know about that!!!


Lisa A said...

hi Jodi,
I hope amelia is ok, I just love skippy's (kangaroos).
Love those layouts as usual.
Lisa A

kerry said...

Boy i hope that Emilia is okay gret layouts too.take care Kerry xx

Tracey said...

Love the LO's Hope Emilia is OK.


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