Sunday, June 8, 2008

Day 355.... One of the lonliest days..... but full of excitment!!!

Today is my last day of the "great escape". I have decided to go home a day earlier... I miss everyone way too much..... (And i have also completely run out of money - but dont tell stu) Shhhh

So today i headed into the city for the last time to the scrapbooking expo. I did a class with an american designer for K & Co today.. its the most gorgeous clock. I will take photos of all my classes when i ahve finished them.
Ran into a fellow DT Member at the expo and we did the class together. Also ran into Kat & Peta, Cass (Who didnt see me) and said hello to Lu.
No winners had been announced for the Scrapbooking Outback COmpetition at this stage... So i will have to now wait for the on-line announcement.

Then after getting lost.... again... gotta get those new maps loaded into the Nav Man!!!!! I headed home after stopping in at the Browns Plains shopping centre for some cardboard!!! Guess what i came out to: A bloody rip roaring tear up the passenger back door (again) I recall a car reversed into this once before!!! I drive a BIG GREEN TERRITORY!! What is there NOT to see for goodness sake!!!! No numbers either... rip and run!!! I havnt taken a photo of that!!!

Anyway, home to make my sign for Big Brother.....

And this will by my daily photo as its the clearest... Day 355 Big Brother time!!!

So then me and all my mates....aka.... ME ALONE!!! Went to Dreamworld. The BB people thoguht it would be a good thing to make people buy a ticket to dreamworld if they wanted to sit undercover to the eviction show. So $90 later.. because if im going to do that i might as well go to the cocktail party........ i am headed to the cocktail party and eviction show!!! Lining up to head in i was pleased i did and didnt go for the grass seating as it poored down rain!!!!
Anyway, back to the point.. ticket to dreamworld, so i went and got lost..... I dont know what it is with me and directions.. honestly as i get older i get worse!!
But i did find a Koala...

A vintage car.....
A dingo on a car.... isnt this a cool photo....
And FINALLY!!!! The icecream palour. I say finally, as this is what i was looking for when i get lost and found those other things. Three layers... banana, toffee and mango!! Yum yum!!!
Then it was off to the Cocktail Party!!!! I can safely say i wasnt the only "semi" middle aged woman there... there were many many of us!!!
I met Dixie and got photos and signaturews..... Poor dear, she looked like she had had quite enough posing thankyou!! Cant say i blame her!!!
She looks so much thinner and shorter in real life though!!!

Then it was off to the eviction!!!

Look, here I am at the eviction!! See its me!!!
I had quite good seats, not that it did me any good being purched behind 6 teenage boys bouncing around on their seats!!!
There's Mike and Jacquie O.... Apparently the other dude is sick. I think he finally figured out Australia was sick of HIM!! micky is so much more gorgeous!! And totally skinny!! he looks like Rove. Only quite small and skinny!!! but how hot did Jacquie O look in real life!! God talk about legs!!!! Totally gorgeous in her disco diva outfit!!!
And finally it was Renee that was booted out!!! I wanted her to win... So sad.....
So that was my very Huge very lonely day!!!!
Not many days left of my challenge now. great way to end it really with my great escape trip...
Only 10 more days to go... 10....


Joanne said...

Thank you for sharing your holiday with us. I really enjoyed the big brother photos. Cant wait to see the other scrapbooking projects you did. It sounds like you had a good holiday it makes me want to go on one too.

kerry said...

Jodi looks like you had fun at big brother can't wait to see what else you have done scrapwise.I hope you arrived home safe and sound talk soon.Take care Kerry xx

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