Monday, June 23, 2008

D Day..... A New Challenge Begins

This challenge is a way to make myself accountable without having to pay $600+ a month to see a weight loss advisor, when i am the one doing all the work anyway....
Make sense?? I think so too...

So here i am day one.
After shocking myself to see what i weigh on the scales, i think setting myself the goal of losing 22 kilos in a year sounds feasible.....

So who else is in... who wants to join me??

Leave a comment with a link to your blog, so we can encourage each other, whether its 5 kilos of 50, we are all in the same boat!!!

I have a plan.
I am following a program that i was on before, only eating MY OWN food this time!!
I am haing 6400 kilajoules a day.
Without counting, my food intake will be thus:
Fruit 4 servings
Vegetables 5 Servings
Grain 6 servings
Meat 6 servings
Milk 2 servings
Fat 3 servings

I ahve a book that tells me which foods contain what and how many servings are in each.

So lets make a start!!!!

Now that the DM is dry, here is the final product that i will submit to SC under undiscovered talent.

And closer

Have a great Monday everyone. Im off to clean the house now.

Scrapping at Brendas tomorrow, thats enough incentive to get my work done!!


Kaysie said...

OMG that layout is awesome.. I have to com see it irl.

Can you link my blog? I thought you already did but its not on there...


Joanne said...

Goodluck to the start of the new challenge I hope this time next year we have all lost weight.
That is a really beautiful layout so many beautiful layers and glitter.

Kat Browne said...

Good luck with the challenge, babe. You're already gorgeous, though. No matter what you will ALWAYS be gorgeous.

On a far less empowering note, any idea where I can find the for keeps and SC sub calls??

Take care sweetie!

Meg said...

Jodi, that layout is wonderful...Have a good day scrappin tomorrow at Brenda's house...

Lisa A said...

Hi Jodi,
I am with you all the way on this weight loss thing, you can email me anytime you like.
I am going to start my weight loss program after winter.
Talk Soon, and by the way love that layout, way to go.
Lisa A


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