Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day 361..... A lovely Saturday

Its a totally gorgeous day today outside....
See, look at the blue of the sky.. I love how it changes colour.....
A perfect day for Emelia to test her horse riding legs!!!!
But first, this is my photo for the day... Day 361... Nearly done, Its all a bit sad really :(

When walking to the horse paddock this morning, which is just behind our house block, i came across some huge sticky beaks, so thought id take a photo...

Mat came over today, darling boy he is and bought his saddle and stuff. We are testing the horsey today..... I am calling her blossom. We forgot to ask what her name is....
Shes very photogenic!!! Loves the camera...
We saddled blossom up and Mat tried her out first. She seemed to enjoy it. Mat was quite surprised with her reaction. Emelia was stoked!!! If she can ride her, she is Emelias to use for as long as she likes.
So now its Emelias turn. Mat lead her around for a while first
Then he let her go on her own... look at the face... how excited is she!!!
Here she is the Cowgirl... Yehar!!!
Off to archery tomorrow.
Seeya then.


Joanne said...

I'm glad you had a nice day weather wise, today in S.A it,s freezing.Lucky Emelia getting her own horse.
It's a bit sad your photo a day is nearly over I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing what you were up to.

kerry said...

hey there looks like the horse is what she needs great pics.Take care Kerryxx

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