Friday, June 27, 2008

Some More Pages

I didnt blog yesterday.... how weird is that!!!!

The weight loss is ok.. i think ive had my big loss though... Its coming onto that time of the month when i get so hungry and crave chocolate!!! And i get cranky if i dont get it!!!! So.. thats just the way it is. I will be as good as possible....

Here are my final two layouts from last months scraparooney pack.

Cowboy take me away... Love the toilet roll paiting!!!

And Pamily Rivals... So what you can do when you run out of "Ls"!!!!

Been horsing this arvo. Baking roast lamb for tea... yummo!!!
Made some honey carrots just for DD, but shes cranky now as she cant go to the local PCYC disco tonight.... so now she wont eat them... Oh well!! In the fridge for tomorrow!! :(
Hopw you have a great weekend. As far as it stands now, i have the weekend off!! Yippee!!!

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