Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 358........ SIgns of Winter

Running a little late with this one....
Obviously Im home again, as the dramas have started!!!! We'll ignore that but hey?

Anyway, while i was away i was given a couple of belated birthday gifts!! So exciting!!!
Some scrap stuff from Kat and Peta in my fav colours!!!

Look at this gorgeous layout from Kerry!!! As well as a handmade card she assures me i should treasure as it doesnt happen often!!! As well as some other lovely bits and pieces!!
Here is the layout i did at the Expo in Ngaire's Class
This is my photo for day 358...... See Im matching the environment!!!

And the leaves in the fish pond which i thought were very romantic.....
So that was day 358 (yesterday) will work on today soon!!!

Seeya later!

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