Friday, June 20, 2008

More Rainy Day Activities

Here is a Mini Brag Book from the Expo that i finished last night.
This was Cassandra Glass's Class.
Its so gorgeous!!!
I decided to make it up with photos of Tracys Kids from when I was there visiting and it hit the mail today!! I hope she likes it!!
On the home front, emelia was crook again today!! Last day! SHe is so not allowed to be sick next week!! Personally, i think she might have taken advantage of my pity as teenagers do!!!

Had Breakie with Brenda and Jack today!! Yay!! I woke up this monring really feeling like scrambled eggs on toast and was hoping for a txt message!! It came through from Jack about 9!! Yay!! I thought!!!

I now also have two new sisters it was decided today!!! But I am the big sister!! Shame to be so old????

We are scrapping next Tuesday Mum...... So dont forget!! Out at Brendas!!!

So thats my day. Very boring I know!!!

Seeya again when i have something interesting to share.... Gonna scrap tonight. Still got some of BRendas pack to do up and also my new sissy pack arrived today!!!

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