Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day 362.... A Cold Winters Day....Brrrrrrr

Its so cold today...
The sun in shining and it looks beautiful from the inside out, but once you get out there its freezing!!!!!
Seeing this tree in the back yard today tells it all..... Its bare now...

And being such a bitterly cold day, of course i spent the majority of it outside doing archery!!!
We did 3D today which is where we go through the bush and shoot 3D foam lifelike animals at unmarked distances.. foxes, bigs, bears etc... Its great fun, very frustrating!!!!

Emelia, the very lucky girl got a lend of all her horsey equipment today of a very generous friend. A great handmade saddle... i forget what type, buts its a stock saddle but kinda looks like a western saddle too....Fender sadle, i think its called. Even riding books!!! All we need to buy her is a helmet and sadle cloth. We will get her some stuff along the way if she sticks with it..
But she has her sites on pony camp now, so she has to be a good good girl...

Here is my photo for the day. Its coming over overcast now as you can see.. This is day 362.....3 days left.....

But keep your eye out for the 50 pounds in 50 weeks challenge to start next Monday. We have a few challengers. Joanne is starting a blog for the first time for the occation!! How exciting.!! Lets all become BIG LOSERS together!!

Seeya tomorrow


kerry said...

your poor tree what happenedto it lol.No more piccies in front of that one.take care Kerry xx

Brissmiths said...

Five kilos in five weeks - no I don't think so. I've been on WW before and it took me like 10! I think my realistic loss is 500g in a week, sometimes a bit more so lets say five kilos in eight weeks that's what I'll aim for.
Pony camp sounds like fun!
Susan :)

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