Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 363..... Im a riding Instructor????

Im really cranky I didnt get any photos today, but Im exhausted!!!
Emelia woke up vomiting this morning, so she has had the day of school. So Brenda came over this morning and she showed me some new goodies.... Making Memories Blossoms and Buttons and some yummy papers.....
We talked scrapbooking and then i had to exit the house as Stu was having a "meeting".
So after doing Ballooon Deliveies, Brenda, Emelia and I headed to lunch at the Stuffed Olive!!! How nice was that meal!! Yummo!!!
I had a chicken slad wrap which was enorgmous and also some wedges with sour cream, bacon and cheese... oh my mouth waters.......

After that I thought id better go for my daily walk, so Emelia suggested maybe she might ride Cimmi, while i walked.... ok.... good in theory!!

So we got Cimmi all saddled up. Being that she hasnt been out of the paddock in a few years, this little pony was so excitied!!!! She just wanted to GO!!!!!

We did some circles with me yelling "hand down, feet forward, heals down, good Cimmi, hands down, woo Cimmi, hands down..." Poor Cimmi didnt know who her rider was!! And being that she is so old and experienced, it took her like 2 minutes to figure out that this kid on her back had NO CLUE!!!

We decided it might be safer back in her paddock and this horse nearly cried!! You could see the dissappoinment in her face that she had to come home!!! She refused to go through the gate, so i had to lead her through. So funny!

So hence all that effort, i am exhausted!!! Certainly a bit more of a workout than a walk around the golf course. But so much more smelly!! Cimmi was rubbing her face all over me!! Shes so cute!!!

SO this is my photo for the day - Day 363. Im sitting on the lounge on the back deck exhausted and smelly after watching my daughter ride her pony!!!

So thats it for today....
I was dissapointed about the Big Brother Eviction last night!!! Finally a bit of love action and they kick one of the lovers out!!! Id rather seen Terrance leave.... That guy is a bit creapy!!!
Should have voted....
Seeya tomorrow!!

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Joanne's Blog said...

That does sound like a nice lunch.


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