Friday, June 6, 2008

Day 353.... Fun & Games

I pulled myself out of bed about 11.30 maybe today!! Been spending time of a morning and night with Jamie... I so missed him over the weekend... Gorgeous rouge red head that he is!!!!

Then did some pj scrapping. Didnt have a shower until 3.00pm!!! How rude!!!
Here is the layout i did with the darling Maddie & alex....

Now, for the really exciting news, Anyone that knows me knows the constant trouble i get with my hair. Its always up, i never wear it down. Lately its been giving me so many headaches because i have to wear it up all the time....
Well. I bit the bullet and had some severe layers cut into it and a bit of a colour change. It feels so light to wear down now...

Are you ready:

Here it is:


My new hair....

Im kinda liking it.... Its a bit mullety but... I suppose i will get used to it. With some rollers and a fag in the corner of my mouth i think i can pull the look of!! What do you think???

Anyway, Michelle has feature walls in her house... So we did some playing....

Afro, sunnies and cowboy hat look!!

My new hair and hat... gotta say.. Im liking it!!!!
New hair, hat and 50% Vodka!!!!
I didnt realise, but my hair now semi matchew Michelles... Well, I did go to her hairdresser afterall!!!!Cooking tea right now before having an early night. Gotta get up early to head to the conventione centre tomorrow for more scrapping!! yay!!

Give ya all the goss tomorrow!!! Seeya


marijana said...

wow Jodi!!!!
I LOVE the new look!!! (dont tell me its a wig tho) it relly suits you-take it from a hairdressers point of view-:)
and love how it sits in the 2nd last photo :)
DH want recognise you when you get back!!!!!
have fun!!!!!!

Joanne said...

I love your hair too but I feel like your going to say its a wig, so I will have to wait till tommorrow and see if it is or not.


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