Sunday, June 1, 2008

Day 348.... Another Big Day!!!! Im so tired!!!!

I cant beleive how miserable the weather has been this weekend!!! Look at it!!! And its been like this since getting here on Thursday!!

No time for worrying about the weather though..... Got scrapping to do....

Here is my photo for the day in the wind....

This is the group of us ladies at the retreat!!!! About 24 in all I think...
Did some great classes Today... Quilling with KerryL. All thoswe coloured dots are quilled and also the little flowers in the middle of the paper flowers.
"Feeding the Parrots"
This was a Card class with Lea... I will have to start making more cards
This one is jsut a layout. "Hes a Road Pirate" This is a fun group of ladies. Pippin, Scrapqueen, KylieJ, Millie.
Lee, Elizabeth, Wendy, Ness, KerryL, Karen, Leadle, KerryM, Scrapqueen, Shari

Jodi & Lea

Jodi, Lindi & Ness
Kerry and i are motelling it tonight back in Brissy ans Kerry jumps on the plane tomorrow back to adelaide.
I am heading to Peta and Kats place again and hope to catch up with Lu and Cass from Cyberscraps.
I am really starting to miss home now that the retreat is over and i stil have over a week away!!!
But i am really looking forward to a sleep in tomorrow!!!
Seeya then


Tracey said...

Hi Jodi Looks like you are having a great time. Loving all your Lay outs there great.You must have been doing some power scraping it would take me a month to do what you did in one day

Lea Adcock said...

It was great to meet to you Jodi you and KerryM are just a scream.


Jackie said...

Looks like you are having a great time !!


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