Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Day 351..... Finally a sleep in!!!!

How lovely it was today to stay in bed past 7 today. I think i pulled myslef out at about 8.15....
Maddy let me use her bed....
I had bad dreams last night and the night before actually. I think its because i am missing home. last nights was really scary but. I pulled the blackets above my head and fell asleep like that and then woke up because it was sweating like a pig!!!!

Anyway, i stayed in my jarmies until maybe 10 this morning. What a luxury. This is what holidaying is about.

So this is the photo for day 351!!!! Do you know, scrapwitch reminded me that i only have 2 weeks to go!!! How sad is that!!!! I dont know if i want to stop but!!!

Here is the gorgeous Alex. We had some quality time this morning watching the wiggles and mickey mouse!!!
Here are the gorgeous kids again!!!!
And gorgeous Trac and ALex.... They always so cute when they are asleep arnt they?
LOL and here is Paul (See i told you Paul that i would do this) This is Paul being his normal self!! He is always this pale and sickly because he is getting on a bit..... hahaha..
No, not really, just outa hospital having his toe operated on.... (All together now.... Awe, poor Paul... go back to bed and wait for your spomge bath!!!) With steel wool and terps!!! Cause he is very dirty!!! LOL

Anyway, i left the sunny sunshine coast after lunch to head to see Michelle at Brisbane. Good trip. Im here for the duration now. Lots of sleep and rests!!

Thatsn it for today... seeya tomorrow

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Jackie said...

Really enjoying reading your posts everyday Jode, its great to see what you have been up the way..we miss you too !!

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