Monday, June 2, 2008

Day 349... Will this rain ever STOP!!!!

I really cant believe i have come to the Sunshine State and its done nothing but rain the whole time!! I mean not since Thursday last week has it stopped!!! Honestly!! Whats the go??

I have done lots of driving today!!

Stayed at the motel until about 11, and then drove to Kats, Picked her up and went to Harvey Normal to print photos and then onto see Cass & Lu!!!! (Ahhh!!! Give me your autograph!!!!) They are gonna hate me at the Expo!! I told them i am going to run up to them screaming about them being so famous and i have been stalking them!!! Cass cringes at the idea and is saying no dont no dont!! too funny!! So i have dared myself to do exactly that!! Haha

Handed in my Scrapping Outback entry!!!

So seeing as i forgot to get a photo with Cass & Lu, i have just done one tonight at Kat & Petas. Peta fell and her her foot today and was rushed to the outpatients.. pooor dear. But all is well thank goodness!!

So here is todays photo Day 349!!!

Ok, so back to the sunshine coast tomorrow to see Tracey and have a sleep over with Maddy!!! Yay!! And my new boyfriend Alex!! hes so cute!!!
Talk then


kerry said...

Hey Jodi glad to see that you had achance to catch up with Cass and Lu.Have a great sleepover tommorow night.Chat to you soon take care Kerry xx

Brenda said...

Send some of that rain back home Jodi!!! Take care.

foges said...

Hi Jodi

Have a great time at Tracys. Say Hi for me and give them all a big hug & kiss for me!


Kat Browne said...

I recognise those curtains!!

As for Cass, pleeease do it on Sunday when we're there with the camera... that shade of red has to be captured and scrapped!! (PS, you have my mobile no, we'll have to organise to meet up!)

Unit is sooo quiet without you or Peta here, lol. Of course, I'm now annoying the neighbours with loud music.

Love ya!

Kaysie said...

It rained the whole time we were up there too.. LOL....


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