Tuesday, June 17, 2008

364..... Second Last Day!!!!

I really cant believe that this is the second last day of this challenge!!
A whole year has just flown by........ its gone so fast..... just one day at a time.....
Really makes me think that spending a year losing weight really wont be that big a deal... Just take it one day at a time!!!

So here i am, day 364.....

I stayed in bed with Jamie until about 11.30 today. (For those family members wondering who Jamie is, he is the hero in my latest book!!!!)
Emelia was sick today with the belly bug, so i didnt have to do the school run. I am just about finished my book... number two in the series... but i know that as soon as i finish i will be opening number three as i can see a new plot imerging!!!
So, other than finally getting the house clean... nothing else happened today.
I will really ahve to try to do something very exciting for tomorrow challenge wont i?? I think i might try one last dare...... Hmmmm, now which one???
Seeya on my very last day tomorrow....


Kat Browne said...

Beautiful pics of you, hun! Shame to see the year end, isn't it? Doesn't mean you should quit taking photos of you, though.

Anyways, glad to hear you're doing well, hope Emelia feels better soon, and is enjoying having a pony.

Kat xx

Mum said...

2nd last day, wow!! Now, check thru your photos to see the changes, if any, in 12mnths.
Your last challenge could be a date with Jamie. What gender is he/she? No, do something really magical.

Joanne's Blog said...

Can't wait to see your last photo, maybe do all your challenges in one hit eg. upside down in the butchers shop while reading your book lol.


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