Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day 354...... Scrapbooking Expo at Brisbane!!!!!

Ok, first off the hair.......
I didnt fool anyone but my daughter who rang up in the flap..... "Mum, what have you done!!!!"
Then my mum txting "God Jodi, what have you done!!!"
But everyone else guessed it was a wig!!!! haha, thats my joke!!!

Anyway, here is my photo for the day..... Day 354.... (Not long to go now)
Heading off to the scrapbooking Expo...
Thank god for the Nav Man... But they are no good in car parks. Gotta find the entrance on my own. If its left i will always go right and visa versa!!!

I did a couple of classes. One was with Cass!!! I had to!!! She was a bit embarrased i think, but i love her stuff and wanted to do this class!! Whats the big deal!!!
So here we are...
I also met Joanna from Scrapbook Memories and asked her if she could pass on any secrets for me for publishing!!! of course, there in no magic answer.... damn it!!!!

Here at the poeple!!!

Worse than ag quip!!! And rude!!! goodness me people are rude. one poor lady was knocked to the deck with a pram and then got up and appologised.... I thought, goodness, what are you applologising for!!!!

And walkers too... considering the huge amount of room around the stalls, i dont think it would have killed them to add some room between stalls. it was like ramming cattle into a yard. Made the whole thing very unpleasant!!!

I will go to do my class tomorrow and then head to Dreamworld i think as i am going to Big Brother and had to get a Dreamworld ticket to go.. so i might as well use it to endulge in some blood curdling screams!!!!

My stuff was at Scrapping outback, my layout and priate album. No winners announced as yet...

I waited and waited....Layout
Pirate Album... Displayed back to front by the way!! Grrrr

Thats is for today. Gotta make a sign for big brother tomorrow!! mustnt forget!!

Seeya on chanel 10 tomorrow night!!!

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Kat Browne said...

Ha! There were some rude old cows, huh? I'll tell you a secret, I deliberately slammed into one. Naughty, I know, but I was standing to the side to let a woman HELPING A BLIND LADY through the crowd, and this woman steps in front of them, so much so the blind lady nearly falls, and storms up beside me to look at flowers, meaning they still couldn't get through! Rude, huh? She tried to push me out of her way, so I just shoved right back. She turns around to me and is like "how dare you!" really loud, so I just go "I'm not the one who tried to knock over a blind lady so she could look at flowers! I'm not the one who slams into others so I can look at stuff! Shame on YOU!!" Never seen a cow storm off so fast before. I swear this middle aged woman thought she was the Queen or something.

Have I mentioned that shows like this bring out the crazies?


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