Sunday, August 31, 2008

A rainy afternoon at the Movies

I was a HUGE fan of the Mama Mia Musical when it came to Australia.
Emelia and I took a bus tour and stayed at Kings Cross before heading to Star City Casino to see this musical. Talk about atmosphere!!!
We were up in the isles dancing and singing along... it was truely wonderful!!!

Then the Movie!!!!
All I can say is WOW!!!!!

I saw it for the SECOND time of no doubt the hundreds of times i am going to watch this movie and i probably enjoyed it more, as i wasnt distracted by all the things on the surface of the movie, i could see all the things at a deaper level.
Words just dont express the enjoyment this movie brings.....

Meryl Streep!!!! What a surprise! After seeing her in movies like "The Devil Wears Prada" and then seeing her like this, its like she is a different person!!!
Shes young, vibrant and so sexy in this role with her long wavy blond hair and looks so wonderful in those overalls.... and then she sings and just brings so much more to the felling of this movie!!!
Also the Donna and the Dynamos!! Arnt the Dynamos great!!!
Amanda Seyfried.... have we seen her before in anything.. Must google it!! Here is an inview on youtube So this was a role of a lifetime for Amanda. She started off as a singer and then going to acting... bringing it all together in this movie!! Nod doubt we will see lots more of Amanda!!

I must admit, until now i was never a big Pierce Brosnan Fan. Personally I much prefered Sean Connery as 007....

But what a hunk he is in this movie. Even his singing is all so believeble!!And Harry Headbanger!!! Hilarious!! Hes a bit hot in this movie too.. Pity he likes the boys though...
And isnt Bill loveable!! I think him and the cook wil make a great couple!! LOL
It was a wonderful afternoon with Mum and Ken watching this movie....


Here is a layout i did last night for the 123 Cybercrop Challenge 2. Not real happy with it, but ive lost my mojo lately!!

Here is a function i did yesterday.. I did three functions, a memorial day and a 1st birthday yesterday and these are the only photos i took!! Must remember to carry the camera at ALL times!!!!
It was a 70th! Great colours!

Fore those keeping posted. My brother went to hospital last night, completely intoxicated. Apparently the ambulance discribed the scene as atroscious!! A heap of anebriated people sitting around his flat. They called the ambulance as he has lost consciousness. They dont know why - he wasnt saying - but did admit be being this drunk everynight!!

Honestly, if he cant see the reason to live and care of himself, why waste our time and stress worrying about him. I think this is evidence of our former decisions to just ignore him and his antics. The hosptail had to call security in as he was carrying on a treat! What kind of person does that to poeple who are jsut trying to help... a total loser .. thats what kind of person!!!

I drove past the footy fields yesterday and saw the littlies on the field with their coaches. I thought, thats what Mat should be doing - running aroiund on the footy field with his little bloke. Mat himself was selected as one of the first participants in the city to country footy scholoship that the South Sydney footy club set up about 30 odd years ago. He would go and spend a certain amount of time training with the club and they would bring coaches to Narrabri to train them as well. I think Mat may have been 7 or 8. They recognised his potential as a great footy player and were willing to spend money developing it. He has had so many opportunities, and blown the lot of them. All through grog. I think he was experimenting with drinking petrol around that age.. so what hope is there... A wasted life!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Photos...

I have a couple of more photos from Mums camera to share...
Here is me and my baby brother Gary!! Kerry reacons we look like twins!! I wish we had the same body type too then!! This fella is long and thin!!! I think he is nearly 6 foot!!
He loves those hats, covers up "Lovely hair"!!!

My SIL Kel!! Shes the closest thing i will ever have to a baby sister!!! We have some fun together... Not enough of it though... But come December we will get stuck into it again!!
And Junior!!! He had to get in on the act!!
Kel and Junior!!And here is the three of us.....
Here are some more photos with Mat. (I hope it wasnt this brother that Kel was refering too) I dont have that much hair on my face do i??

So thats it for me. Gonna scrap some tonight i think!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Catch up.....with heaps of photos.....

Well just to get this one out of the road...

this is my layout for the 123 Cybercrop challenge 1... Not particulary happy with it... but it will do!!

As you may have read from a previous post, the girls did a mercy road trip to Port Macquarie on Tuesday....

I decided to work it in with some Balloons/Wedding stuff and called into Cessnock to pick up some vases i ordered and also visited our gorgeous neice/cousin that we havnt seen face to face in years... but we do communicate through facebook/msn

Emelia was totally shocked to learn that Beth is even shorter than Emelia!!!! Obviously this family is hugely vertically challenged...

But isnt she gorgeous!!!

They have the same eyes... and totally gorgeous teeth!!!

After Cessnock we drove onto Port Macquarie. We stayed with Gary, Kel and Junior!! God, that animal!!!! The really good piccies are on Mums camera, but i will share when i get them!!

This is Gary & Kel. Kel looks very managerial in her uniform!! LOL (Its not the best photo though.... Kel is really tall and so gorgeous!!) Gary is gorgous too off course!!! (There you go Gaz, i didnt forget you)...

It was so funny, I commented on how lovely Kel looked in her uniform and Gaz said to Kel, that all we commented on was that Gary smelt like tyres!!! LOL... too funny - had to be there!!

And this handsome creature in Junior!! Junior spent alot of time with a chiwowa... (I cant spell that!!!)... He thinks he is a lap dog too and will think nothing of jumping up and sitting right on your lap to have a nap like a little lap dog, only this dog is like 35 kilos!!! Too funny!!!

We tried to get the seeds of this dandilion in the photo... didnt quite work... :(

Now the purpose of this trip was too see my brother Mat and check him out... He is quite crook!!:( Self inflicted with no hope of recovery really... but we wont talk about that. This trip was about reconection/reconciliation.....

Mum has some great photos on her camera, but i have these ones.

We went for a bit of a shop. Mat loves to shop and though nothing of following Emelia around Supre looking at dresses... Here they are shopping!!

Obviously by the look on Emelias face, she didnt agree with Mats taste????

Then came the big surprise and what we were "hoping" for with this trip!! A reconciliation with Mats kids. They dont live together and are rather disfunctional as far as the "traditional" family goes. I have never seen little Zac and Mum last saw him at 18 months. We were hoping to see the kids but just didnt know if it would be able to be arranged.

This is the last time we were all together, we havnt seen the kids since Garys wedding in 2001 i think it was??

Cass (Mats Oldest daughter/ not biological) lives across the garden from Mat we just found out and we saw them on their balcany. So we called Cass over and learnt she had just gotten engaged!! How awesome!!!

Cass is a little bit famous in the horse world...

Here is a link to an article in the Daily Telegraph. Cass was the strapper of Sky Biscut. Here is another photo with the horse (She is leading him)

This is Cass and her fiance Mick.

So anyway, Cass organised for Zac to come for a visit. He is staying with friends of the family at the moment. He is the most gorgeous kid and i cant believe he is so well spoken, and polite with what we believe him to have lived through.... He has spent alot of time with his Big Sister Cass though, so she has certainly done something right with him!! He is lovely.

Him and Mum reconnected instantly!!

Mum made Zac a scrapbook about our family, so at some stage he can see that he has a Nan and uncle and aunty and cousins that love him...

Mum sent it to Mat some time ago, so Mat pulled it out and Mum read it with Zac. He reconsises who we are, so they have talked about us.... But he is so smart. His only 4 you know!! LOL

Here is Zac and Mat playing Cars. Zac looks so much like Gary!!!

With Big Sister Cass

Cass has "Sky Biscute" on her boob.... LOL

Here is Cass and Paige. Paige is Mats biological daughter and the middle child between Cass and Zac. Poor Paige, she is going through what Emelia went through at 13!! What is it with girls and wanting to grow up so fast lately!!! This is 2008...


And all three gorgous girls together again at last... 2008
2001... (the little girl in the burgandy is a ring in)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Its not Bribary... Its the "Reward" system...

Its been a while since i washed my car and seeing as we are off to Port on Tuesday, thought id better give it a scrub...
So I used Bribary on myself!! It seems to work for the kids...

I had to get up and clean my car, and then i was allowed to go see "The Black Knight"... I did and i did!!!

Great Movie!!!!!

Gosh, was Heath Brilliant.. we are really going to miss this hugely versatile actor. Though people have said that the joker is so dark in this movie, thats whay he killed himself!! But having seen it, i dont think he was that dark in it.... Brilliant though and so believable!!! I think the "Broken Crack Mountain" would have been a more difficult role for him!!! lol

And Batman.. what a spunk he is!! I think this one is the best Batman. Val Kilmer was lovely, but this guy is hmmmm hmmmm!!!!

So, thats my day.... Got the washing and ironing done..... No scrapping today. I did the 123 Cybercrop challenge 1 last night and really really hate it!!! I dont know whether to do it again or just not enter it!!! Hmm, will think it over!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Some show and tell

Here is my layout for the 123 challenge this month. I dont get to do them that often, but last night i wanted to do something for me rather than for DT. I suppose thats what happens when you have so many DT comitments.

Anyway, this one is "For Eternity".

And closer...

I have been busy with functions today too....
I loved this colour combo of pink and green.....
Its for a 30th at the Bowling Club

Love this photo with all the balloons lined up...

This next one was for an 80th at the Golf Club...

Then a 40th Balmain theme party.....
So thats my day so far.. Gonna go and iron now and then wash my very dirty car tomorrow. I have to go to Port Macquaire next week. I really want to see my little Bro Gary and Kel, but i dont want to see the reason we are going....

My other younger brother is dying we were told yeaterday. Its very sad. He is an alcoholic, he has known no other way of life. He drank his first beer at 4 with my alcoholic father, and hes been drinking ever since. His body is now broken down. After so much time. money and tears, we his family have had to take a step back to save ourselves from the mesery he is causing himself and his own family. We tried and tried, but at the end of the day, if the person doesnt want to help themselves, there is a big nothing we can do about it. No amount of anything will help him except for him.

My father died a miserble death from years and years of alcaholism. He wrecked our family. He distroyed any hope my brother might have had for a normal life and i blame him all the way. I am so angry that he died before he got to see the damage he caused us kids and mum. I managed to escape that life style from sheer determination of will. I never wanted that for myself, i always strived for something better for myself. I saw my friends lives and their families and homes and i wanted that for me, not what i had. An abusive alcaholic father and a very nervous mum.

I escaped it and i dont want to go back to it. For this reason i resent that i have to go to Port to see him. I didnt chose this for me and i dont want a part of it. Ive moved on from that after so many years of very hard work. I dont want to be dragged into something was never my choice for myself. But i will take Mum to see him, as he is her son and always will be. But it will be so very painfull fo her....

I cant believe policians. Drugs are illigal, and yet smoking pot everyday doesnt do the kind of damage that drinking everyday does. And not only does it distroy the person, its distoys everything and everyone around them. My brothers kids have grown up a mess - but when i think about it, no more so than what i did. My brother has lost all of his family through this. his kids wont talk to him anymore, the mother of his kids wont talk to him, his own mother cant have a relationship with him, he has distoyed his realtionship with his best mate and little brother, and also his big sister who for every day of my life has tried to care for his welfare... He has no money, no food and an empty flat he can barely afford. No car, no mode of transportation bar his legs which are now non functioning. His brain function is minimal through drink. He cant add 2 and 2 anymore or spell his own name. This man is 38 years old.... And he wont reach 39. How bitterly sad and wasteful of a life. This bloke was the most decent guy you would meet. Do anything for anyone, his kids and niece and nephew adored him at one stage. He was always full of life and excitement. Pig chasing, fishing, typical bloky stuff.... and then the alcaholism really kicked in and that was it... our little brother died then and was replaced by this unrecognisable person. Its so sad...... And so very very sad that no matter how much money we throw at him, no matter how much love and support, at the end of the day nothing means anything unless he chooses to and acts on it himself. Addiction is a dreadful thing.....

Friday, August 22, 2008


A big Congratulations to Nanna Kerry on the birth of her very first grandchild!!!
Lachlan Brady!!!!
A big congratulations also the Lachlans Mummy Carly!!! Wishing you all the very best!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another Day in Sunny Gunny

We had our "pleasure" day at Ag - Quip today....
So more being dragged around looking at cars, motorbikes, campers, caravans, offices, pools, spas, big furnature..... and jewellery!!
I found a huge amount of self control and DINDT buy this lovely necklace i saw. But upon closer inspection i realised that one can onlyu own a certain amount of pink pearl necklaces!!!!

Anyway, here is a car that Stu thought Josh might like....
This is where we lunched today.....Surrounded be heaps and heaps of people!!!
And this is what we were eating, until the one behind us turned his rear end toward me about a foot away and took and huge smelly dump!!!! Grrrr, so much for the $7 steak sandwich!!!! They were yummy tooo!!

So after buying two bright pink feed bins for Cimmy and #40 worth of lollies and fudge, we made our way home!! It was quite a lovely day out there today.. Its gonna be raining there tomorrow though when i have to head out once again and collect all the gas bottles i dropped of there on monday and tuesday!!
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