Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Spice Girls are in town...

The St Marys Social was on Last Night.
The theme was Blast from the Past.

Emelias group went as the Spice Girls.... (Scary met them at the Social)
They came second in the Best Dressed Group Category.

Emelia was Posh Spice

They had a great fun night.
Mat went dressed in his Camo. In his words "Ive been hunting in the past" lol


Lisa A said...

LOL Spice Girls eat your heart out.

kerry said...

you look great girls.And Margie looks pretty happy with her birthday,hugs ti yuor mummy Jodi.take care Kerry xx

Joanne's Blog said...

love the spice girls, and happy birthday Jodi's mum xxx


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