Sunday, August 24, 2008

Its not Bribary... Its the "Reward" system...

Its been a while since i washed my car and seeing as we are off to Port on Tuesday, thought id better give it a scrub...
So I used Bribary on myself!! It seems to work for the kids...

I had to get up and clean my car, and then i was allowed to go see "The Black Knight"... I did and i did!!!

Great Movie!!!!!

Gosh, was Heath Brilliant.. we are really going to miss this hugely versatile actor. Though people have said that the joker is so dark in this movie, thats whay he killed himself!! But having seen it, i dont think he was that dark in it.... Brilliant though and so believable!!! I think the "Broken Crack Mountain" would have been a more difficult role for him!!! lol

And Batman.. what a spunk he is!! I think this one is the best Batman. Val Kilmer was lovely, but this guy is hmmmm hmmmm!!!!

So, thats my day.... Got the washing and ironing done..... No scrapping today. I did the 123 Cybercrop challenge 1 last night and really really hate it!!! I dont know whether to do it again or just not enter it!!! Hmm, will think it over!!


Lisa A said...

my brett would agree with you there, he has seen the Dark Knight, i wasnt interested.

Joanne said...

I might have to see this movie when it comes out on DVD. I love the new colours on your blog.

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