Sunday, August 17, 2008

A huge Sunday

We had the BIGGEST Sunday today.
After attending a friends 40th Birthday last night and consuming 2 whole bottles of Moscato... by myself and another glass of another Brown Brothers Wine.... It wasnt the most sensible thing to do the night before a day like today!!!

Emelia went Campdrafting today with the Wittmans. Shes loving the horsey scene. She rode all the way to the show ground early both days. I took Cimmis breakfast down later. The Wittmans were competing all weekend.

Here is Emelia loving Cimmi. Shes suckj a lovely horsey!!!

Here is Mat getting Bes reading to so her run....
I am up in the grandstand... me and all my mates.... (like none!!!) watching and taking photos.
Here is Mat cutting a beast ...And his out the gate!!
And heading towards the first turn.....
I got this great photo of some random cowboy and thought it was a great shot!! LOL

Here is Mat and Emelia..... just doing their thing..
And Matts Mum. Back in the saddle after a bit of a break. I love this photo....
There was the cutest little kid at the Campdraft. He was safely tucked away in one of the horse yards while Mum was doing some organisation stuff. He was in his element. Watching the horseys and playing in the dirt. He was right in the middle of all the action, but penned in very safe with all the adults close by... I thought it was so sweet. What a lucky little boy...
While Emelia was at the showground, i was at home doing some training with a couple that are starting a balloon business in Inverell... We spent the day making up some lovely things and getting heaps of photos..... It was a very full day.


Brenda said...

I'm surprised you got through all that after such a big night.....early night tonight!!!
talk soon

kerry said...

Sounds like you had a fab time Jodi two bottles is that all hahaha.take care Kerry xx

Lisa A said...

Well what can I say, but I know what you were celebrating, i bet you were having a few drinks for me, Cimmi looks great. Talk soon


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