Sunday, August 10, 2008


We were all very excitied to head out to the local paintball range today to celebrate Mats 17th Birthday.. He's the one in the orange........

Here we all are getting our layers on.....
Emelia and i had 2 pairs of trousers, 3 jumpers, overalls, vest and helmet... we werent going to get bruises... in theory!!!
After round one... Josh coped one in the face and was having an asthma attack... Running around playing war games is a little more vigerous in real life as apposed to those on xbox!!!
Emelia also coped one in the face.... The biggest target off all got one also... my BUM!!!
Here is Mats Dad Bernie in action
Here is Mat Gibson heading off the field.... too many hits.

Mat Wittman in fine shooting form.... Great photo this one i reacon
Here is the damage with Mat and Robin.....
All in all it was a great but very expensive way to spend an afternoon. About $400 for the four of us......

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Joanne's Blog said...

That sounds like fun, but painful too.


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