Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another Day in Sunny Gunny

We had our "pleasure" day at Ag - Quip today....
So more being dragged around looking at cars, motorbikes, campers, caravans, offices, pools, spas, big furnature..... and jewellery!!
I found a huge amount of self control and DINDT buy this lovely necklace i saw. But upon closer inspection i realised that one can onlyu own a certain amount of pink pearl necklaces!!!!

Anyway, here is a car that Stu thought Josh might like....
This is where we lunched today.....Surrounded be heaps and heaps of people!!!
And this is what we were eating, until the one behind us turned his rear end toward me about a foot away and took and huge smelly dump!!!! Grrrr, so much for the $7 steak sandwich!!!! They were yummy tooo!!

So after buying two bright pink feed bins for Cimmy and #40 worth of lollies and fudge, we made our way home!! It was quite a lovely day out there today.. Its gonna be raining there tomorrow though when i have to head out once again and collect all the gas bottles i dropped of there on monday and tuesday!!


kerry said...

Hey Jodi sounds like a great day.Thanks for the tag.You know how slack i am i will get to it shortly .take care Kerry xx

Lisa A said...

Hey Jodi, sounds like you had a great day. Feeling better as well I hope, its back to work for me today, feeling a little better.
I have decided after reading your story i don't think i want to eat beef again....LOL

Karlene said...

Hiya Chicky :)
Glad you had a good day out! Hope you are better real soon too :)

Thanks for the tag, I will get onto it shortly.. youre a gem!
And finally a HUGE Congrats on your publication!!! Whoohoo.. well done my friend..


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