Sunday, August 31, 2008

A rainy afternoon at the Movies

I was a HUGE fan of the Mama Mia Musical when it came to Australia.
Emelia and I took a bus tour and stayed at Kings Cross before heading to Star City Casino to see this musical. Talk about atmosphere!!!
We were up in the isles dancing and singing along... it was truely wonderful!!!

Then the Movie!!!!
All I can say is WOW!!!!!

I saw it for the SECOND time of no doubt the hundreds of times i am going to watch this movie and i probably enjoyed it more, as i wasnt distracted by all the things on the surface of the movie, i could see all the things at a deaper level.
Words just dont express the enjoyment this movie brings.....

Meryl Streep!!!! What a surprise! After seeing her in movies like "The Devil Wears Prada" and then seeing her like this, its like she is a different person!!!
Shes young, vibrant and so sexy in this role with her long wavy blond hair and looks so wonderful in those overalls.... and then she sings and just brings so much more to the felling of this movie!!!
Also the Donna and the Dynamos!! Arnt the Dynamos great!!!
Amanda Seyfried.... have we seen her before in anything.. Must google it!! Here is an inview on youtube So this was a role of a lifetime for Amanda. She started off as a singer and then going to acting... bringing it all together in this movie!! Nod doubt we will see lots more of Amanda!!

I must admit, until now i was never a big Pierce Brosnan Fan. Personally I much prefered Sean Connery as 007....

But what a hunk he is in this movie. Even his singing is all so believeble!!And Harry Headbanger!!! Hilarious!! Hes a bit hot in this movie too.. Pity he likes the boys though...
And isnt Bill loveable!! I think him and the cook wil make a great couple!! LOL
It was a wonderful afternoon with Mum and Ken watching this movie....


Jackie / Kate said...

I really need to go see this movie - everyone is raving about it....maybe this week if its still on ???

kerry said...

Totally agree the stage show was fab so was the movie i loved both.And you do look so much like your brother.take care Kerry xx


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