Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Wonder who financed this....

Look here is my Nanny Job and Poppa Sids place in Figtree Wollongong..... WOW!!

This is great technology isnt it.......... This whole google maps street view thing, and im not really a terribly polictical type person...
But why?
A little car with a camera has driven around the world taking 3D photos of all the streets.. Imagine how long that took. The news said about 7 years...
Who paid for that. Sure google is hosting it. But who financed it all and for what purpose?
I think this is just disquising a more siniter reason... For spy work and such.
When you think of the technology of aircraft and weaponary, they can jsut program in an exact target.
No doubt im being niave as they have been targetting countries with bombs for years. Maybe this is the citizen link, where the common person can take a look at the technology being used in warfare!!

*Does it come in pink*

OK, thats about as far as my serious side goes!!!
Hope your day is going well!!

I should soon have some layouts to show you....... its taking a while to get the mojo happening after being sick!!

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Lisa A said...

Hey I think that google thing is groovy but also invades privacy, thank god its not an uptodate thingy though.
Yes i am getting my mojo back for scrapping now, i intend to do some scrapping over the weekend, but going shopping tonight to buy a vide camera, so what Kosmo's blog during the next couple of days on his thoughts of me buying a video camera.


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