Sunday, August 31, 2008


Here is a layout i did last night for the 123 Cybercrop Challenge 2. Not real happy with it, but ive lost my mojo lately!!

Here is a function i did yesterday.. I did three functions, a memorial day and a 1st birthday yesterday and these are the only photos i took!! Must remember to carry the camera at ALL times!!!!
It was a 70th! Great colours!

Fore those keeping posted. My brother went to hospital last night, completely intoxicated. Apparently the ambulance discribed the scene as atroscious!! A heap of anebriated people sitting around his flat. They called the ambulance as he has lost consciousness. They dont know why - he wasnt saying - but did admit be being this drunk everynight!!

Honestly, if he cant see the reason to live and care of himself, why waste our time and stress worrying about him. I think this is evidence of our former decisions to just ignore him and his antics. The hosptail had to call security in as he was carrying on a treat! What kind of person does that to poeple who are jsut trying to help... a total loser .. thats what kind of person!!!

I drove past the footy fields yesterday and saw the littlies on the field with their coaches. I thought, thats what Mat should be doing - running aroiund on the footy field with his little bloke. Mat himself was selected as one of the first participants in the city to country footy scholoship that the South Sydney footy club set up about 30 odd years ago. He would go and spend a certain amount of time training with the club and they would bring coaches to Narrabri to train them as well. I think Mat may have been 7 or 8. They recognised his potential as a great footy player and were willing to spend money developing it. He has had so many opportunities, and blown the lot of them. All through grog. I think he was experimenting with drinking petrol around that age.. so what hope is there... A wasted life!!

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Lisa A said...

Oh Jodi,
I am sorry for what your brother is putting you thru, I am here for you anytime you want to chat, Mumma Mia sounds great I am going to go see it soon..


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