Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ive Been Tagged.... Ag Quip Photos

The lovely Marisa from Direct2UScrapping tagged me today....
How exciting!!!

So now its my turn to tag 7 other great bloggers..... If i tag you, you have to link my blog to yours, plus link the poeple you tag and leave a message on their blog... Also, dont forget to put your award on your blog will you!!

So here we go..

Of course it goes without saying, Brenda & Jack are tagged.... Brenda has changed her Banner i noticed.... And Jack has some great photos of her holiday on hers...
Also, Kerry who is my retreat partner in crime and always has some great inspirational layouts on her blog.
Also Susan, who is another retreat partner is crime, always has the most gorgeous photos and layouts of her baby on her blog..
My new DT Sister at A2Z Scraplets Kaylene, who also does some lovely work. Joanne is new to blogging, but i really enjoy going to check out her new layouts and see what shes been upto.
And of course, I cant forget Kosmo and his Mum Lisa, this fury little creature (Meaning Kosmo) gets up to all sorts of shananigans with his little mate Beaver.

Now for some ag quip photos...
My dear husband took advantage of the fact that i cant talk today and dragged me around looking at motorbikes at Ag-Quip.
For those of you who dont know what Ag-Quip is.... google it!!! LOL
This is his next motorbike... At least its not a panzy blue one!! LOL

Some really big tractors.... Ho hum
Some more really big tractors...... (I cant talk remember!!)
And a really old tractor......
Here is me when i got home... Time for a lay down on the grass out the back and relax!!!! I still have to make sure i take the odd photo of myself. When i was doing the 365 challenge, i was never short of a photo of me for a layout....
Seeya later... Hopefully i should be able to talk again soon!!

1 comment:

Lisa A said...

You look like you could just curl up and go to sleep, you look comfortable, i hope the voice is coming back gradually...


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