Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Photos...

I have a couple of more photos from Mums camera to share...
Here is me and my baby brother Gary!! Kerry reacons we look like twins!! I wish we had the same body type too then!! This fella is long and thin!!! I think he is nearly 6 foot!!
He loves those hats, covers up "Lovely hair"!!!

My SIL Kel!! Shes the closest thing i will ever have to a baby sister!!! We have some fun together... Not enough of it though... But come December we will get stuck into it again!!
And Junior!!! He had to get in on the act!!
Kel and Junior!!And here is the three of us.....
Here are some more photos with Mat. (I hope it wasnt this brother that Kel was refering too) I dont have that much hair on my face do i??

So thats it for me. Gonna scrap some tonight i think!!

1 comment:

Lisa A said...

Isn't it funny how animals always end up in the picture... Lovely photos of you and the family.

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