Thursday, August 7, 2008

Weight Loss Update

Just thought id better give all the challengers my update!!!

Kaysie is going really well with hers. Her blog says a loss of 24 cm!! WOW!! Great job girly!!

Its been a week and a half on WW on-line. Gotta tell ya, Im loving it and i dont feel like im missing out on anything at all. Im eating with the family most nights and even having desert. Snacking when i feel like it. Im really pleased!!

And the best thing is that after a week, id lost 2 kilos!!!

Very happy. Im cofindent too this time that the switch is flicked and i will loose what i put on when things went south!!!
Im looking forward wearing the next size down again that have been hiding in the back of the cupboard over winter!!!


kerry said...

Way to go girl keep it up.take care Kerry xx

Lisa A said...

You go girl, I will be joining you once the weather warms up a bit more, great work...Lisa


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