Monday, November 30, 2009

Week 47 - We Heart Tooshies Photo Challenge

This weeks photo challenge is
These are the tooshies of two of my faveorite people/animals!!
Emelia and Solo....
Go check out the other tooshies here

Scrap with V Christmas Party Cybercrop

Just a reminder to everyone
The Scrap with V Christmas Cybercrop starts on Friday 8.00pm NSW Time!!!
And my Mystery Challenge
starts at 9.00pm
Be there!!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Fires and a childs reaction

This week has seen several fires in Gunnedah
Thankfully, i havent heard of any loss of property of life
at this stage, thank God.
But its really scary!!

Just this week there was a fire close to home
at the back of Porcupine Lookout
This is where Stu and I walk everyday,
so its not far from us....

And the really scary thing was,
was that is was buring for two days, and we didnt know!!!
We werent notified of these fires!!!
They were about 3 kms away from our place
Which really considering the windy and dryness of the land
isn't that far...

Anyway, Emelia who is 16
had been cleaning her room
and obviosuly was so worried about the fires.
She went to bed and the next day woke up with this beside the bed
Its her fire escape basket.
She did it in her sleep...and really doesn't remember much about it.
Shes got her thongs, a torch, change of clothes and a jumper, a first aid kit,
her dad's teddy bear from when he was little and her ribbons from the horse events.
And a note telling people what it is....

Thats pretty scary!!
She must have subconsciously been so worried, poor thing.
But she feels better for having everything in one place
and more power to her that she knew whats important to pack!!
Thats very grown up of her.

Here are some local photos from yesterday...

This is from the lookout...

This is overlooking the town..
The dust haize is back again..
Here is a wider view of the fire damage...
Its heaps bigger than this... This is just one tiny section.
But look how close it got to houses!!
They were so lucky!!
Our fire brigade out here is Voluntary.
I dont know about other towns.
How lucky are we that we have trained dedicated people willing to give up their time to keep us safe. And the employers of these people, that give them jobs to support their families knowing that they willl be called away from their jobs at any time to protect the communtiy!!
What a privilege that these people feel the desired to protect us.
Thank you.

Final Challenge for the Weekend

This is the November Sketch Challenge set by Taryn
at Scrap with V
"ready Set Race"

Some Scrap Challenges

Ive finally managed to get some scrapping done after a very busy
week of work....
This one is two fold...
I gained inspiration from 2 different challenges..
The first was a
Journalling from the Heart challenge
set by Kim from Scrap with V
I have journalled around the outside, but in the little
envelope on the layout contains a list of accomplishments
my daughter wants to achieve before she is 30.
I found this in her room while i was cleaning.
The second challenge
was a stitiching technique challenge
from Scrap Therapy.
I used stitching to stitch parts of the destressing together.
this is
"Before Im 30"
I love this layout actually
Its using papers i would never normally use and mixing manufacturers which i never usually do also.....
It contains Graphic 45, 7 gypsies, basic grey and Prima, just in the papers alone.....

This next layout was a sketch challenge from Scrap Therapy
"Riding in Sections"
And this one was a colour challenge from scrap therapy
"In Training"

Creating Keepsakes Reader Offer - November

This kit is amaising!!!
Full of the lovely Creative Imagination Papers
with heaps of matching embellishments
A2Z Scraplet Titles!!!

5 layouts for only $54.95!!
But get in quick, as these guys go really fast!!!!
Click here to purchase

Friday, November 27, 2009

Hello Froggy!!

Look at this gorgeous boy that greeted me at the door last night!!!

Look at these knitted dolls...
Arn't they adorable!!
My mum makes these
She is making them for the show next year....
Look at Santa.
He evens has the little tin man in his sack...
Knitted too...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Scrap with V Cybercrop time again!!! - 4th December 2009

Cybercrop time!!!
I will be doing the "Mystery Challenge" too...
So keep an eye out and pop in for the challenge on Friday night... Going LIVE!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Born to Create Sketch Challenge

This is my layout for the
Born to Create Sketch Challenge
"A Rider in Action"

Happy Birthday Jack

Today we celebrated Jack's Birthday
at the Verdict.....
(We are so predictable!!!)

Here we are...
It was so hot this morning.....
Here is the gorgeous Jack......
Emelia found the cutest candles at spotlight yesterday....
Isn't her cake adorable...
Blowing out the candle...
We forgot to ding happy birthday but.....
So here goes..
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Jackkkkkkk
Happy Birthday to you....

There are fires up a Porky these last couple of days..
We rang our friend that lives out there, and it wil like 100 metres from their stables...
So scary!!!
It actually hoped around one house!! How luck was that for them
So at this stage, i don't think there have been any houses lost....

The power people just cleared so much area up on Porky too. We were walking up there last week and one woman commented on how they have ruined it. Stu commented but how ruined will it be if a fire goes through.....
Who new it would be so soon that one would!!!!

My thoughts go out to all those people that are effected by fires..
Lets hope the cool change predicted brings some relief!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Some Random Stuff

I finally finished the angel!!!
Looks so great!!
But so tedious!!!
I put a movie on and just finished it.....
Check out these cute little houses!!!
I tell you, these ladies are brilliant with their designs.....
Wednesday Wishes Kits
Do bees sleep???
We thought these two might just be having a snooze
They are gone now, but i clicked away and they didn't budge!!!
The kangaroo came back too!!
The cat was a bit concerned though....

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A photo shoot with my SON!!!!!!! This is HUGE!!!!

Now any of you who follow my blog
know how hard it is for me to get photos of my son
without his helmet & motorbike!!!
Well, i have done it!!

We had a trial run on Teagans Formal outfits...
So with a visit to the Jodi & Emelia Salon
Teagan was looking like an angel
and Joahua was so handsome in his gear!!!!
I set up a studio in my shed
and took some photos....

Here are a few of them.......
Don't look look gorgeous!!!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Couple of Walking Companions

When Stu and i walked upto the lookout yesterday
we had a couple of companions join us...
A Mother and its baby Koala...
So cute!!!

It walked up the bath a bit and then found a tree it liked..
Arnt they adorable.....

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

15th November Stuck Sketch Layout - Bundle of Joy

Option 2 Layout
is the 15th November Stuck Sketch
Here is my sample
"Bundle of Joy"

Shabby Chic, Butterflies and Bows Challenge - November Challenge

This months challenge
at Shabby Chic Butterfly's and Bows
is set by the delightful and talented
Lisa Kamphuis
Lisa has chosen the below image for inspiration
So your criteria for this challenge is draw inspiration from the picture
and use Gingham on your layout
nice and simple .....

Here is my sample..
I drew inspiration from the wreath on the wall...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Week 45 - I Heart Faces - "Autumn Challenge"

This weeks challenge at
Autumn Beauty
This is a photo of my daughter out in the back paddock...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oh My Goodnes!!!!

I bought this Angel Kit and i knew when i saw it it was going to be a push!!
Its been sitting on my breakfast bar for about a week now
and i put bits and pieces of it together when i was cooking tea or
watching a bit of telly....
Its half way done now.......
Its going to be so gorgeous...
I just worry about the dust it will collect now,
so i think it might go in the china cabinet with the dolls.....

A2Z Scraplets Layouts

Its that time of the month again for all the new
This layout is the word
Babys First Bath using
"Splish Splash Graphic Word"
"My Brothers and Me" Graphic Word
Scraplets Word
"Mummys LIttle Monster" Drummer....
And this layout is the November Sketch Challenge
at A2Z Scraplets
"Glammed Up"

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