Sunday, November 22, 2009

Some Random Stuff

I finally finished the angel!!!
Looks so great!!
But so tedious!!!
I put a movie on and just finished it.....
Check out these cute little houses!!!
I tell you, these ladies are brilliant with their designs.....
Wednesday Wishes Kits
Do bees sleep???
We thought these two might just be having a snooze
They are gone now, but i clicked away and they didn't budge!!!
The kangaroo came back too!!
The cat was a bit concerned though....


Lisa A said...

If I was the cat I would stay inside were it is nice and cool... like i am for the time being

Brigitte said...

woww this angel and the house look aweeesome !!
and... woww...very interesting pic of those bees :)

Brigitte G.

Ness said...

absolutely beautiful Jodi


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