Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Love the smell of Jasmine in the morning.....

Doncha just love this time of year!!
I walked out the back today and all i could smell is the chineese jasmine
down the back.. so fresh and beautiful!!!
Then the birds were worbling away.
These butcher birds were calling out to each other
There were 4 in this tree and another 3 out the back in another tree
And then we had this parrot trying to snooze through the racket...
The Jacaranda tree in the yard looks so lovely in full flower
Stu has been out working in the shed and covered in grease!!
Caught him having a snooze
I went out to the park out the back to take some photo of sun flare...
Dunno how i went...
This camera doesn't capture it as easy as the fuji one i have.
Ok, that's it for now
Off to do a photo shoot of the kids!!

1 comment:

lindy said...

love the smell of Jasmine it's so Stu busy at work Ha!
have a good one catch ya..

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