Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ribbon Day - Sunday

We were highly unorganised on Sunday
as Emelia only decided on Saturday night at like 10.30pm
to even go!!
Solo was filthy and needed a hair cut!!
But it was just a No Frills Ribbon day so we thought ok....
She had an ok day.
Solo was his typical self considering he hadn't been ridden since Jamboree!!!
But they won 4 ribbons, so its all good!!
The best ribbon though was a 4th in BENDS!!
The first time EVER!!! Yay!!
Dispite Equipment failure!!!!
She had a great run!!
She also won a ribbon in the keyhole..
They are good at that one...
Then the square jump!!
All she had to do was finish it as alot of the horses were illiminated!!!
But Solo had other ideas!!!
This was the highest rare yet!!!
The third for the day too, the first 2 were while doing bareback!!
She didn't come off though!!!
Then the barrels....
He galloped home the fastest they ever have...
And he just charged right for the group!!
I think he so needs a break from Pony Club!!!
So that's it for Pony Club this year!!!
I think we might be trying eventing next year and give Solo a break from sporting.
But its hard to know what you want to do when you just start out....

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