Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Parrots and Bees are in my trees!!!!

The last few days we go to sleep and wake everyday
to the sound of these.....
There is a Triliana Tree out the side of our place..
Well actually two, one at the side and one out the back
and at the moment, the scent from these flowers is so strong!!
Its all you can smell out the back
Its deliscious!!
And the parrots and bees think so too!!
The trees are full of them!!!
Along with the parrots are the bees.....
I was outside taking photos and i came in and found
my husbnad doing the sexiest thing!!
I just had to take his photo!!!
OMG, so sexy!!!
He was cooking tea!!!!!!!!!!!
What a turn on!!!!
And it was so nice!!
Thank you darling!!! Mwah!! XXX


passion4pink said...

Whoo hoo!! That really does it for me too when Craig cooks and that's fairly often these days thank goodness!Its funny isn't it that we make a fuss but they see it as our duty some how! LOL

Lisa A said...

Hey Jodi,
Brett does all our cooking...I love his cooking....


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