Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Fires and a childs reaction

This week has seen several fires in Gunnedah
Thankfully, i havent heard of any loss of property of life
at this stage, thank God.
But its really scary!!

Just this week there was a fire close to home
at the back of Porcupine Lookout
This is where Stu and I walk everyday,
so its not far from us....

And the really scary thing was,
was that is was buring for two days, and we didnt know!!!
We werent notified of these fires!!!
They were about 3 kms away from our place
Which really considering the windy and dryness of the land
isn't that far...

Anyway, Emelia who is 16
had been cleaning her room
and obviosuly was so worried about the fires.
She went to bed and the next day woke up with this beside the bed
Its her fire escape basket.
She did it in her sleep...and really doesn't remember much about it.
Shes got her thongs, a torch, change of clothes and a jumper, a first aid kit,
her dad's teddy bear from when he was little and her ribbons from the horse events.
And a note telling people what it is....

Thats pretty scary!!
She must have subconsciously been so worried, poor thing.
But she feels better for having everything in one place
and more power to her that she knew whats important to pack!!
Thats very grown up of her.

Here are some local photos from yesterday...

This is from the lookout...

This is overlooking the town..
The dust haize is back again..
Here is a wider view of the fire damage...
Its heaps bigger than this... This is just one tiny section.
But look how close it got to houses!!
They were so lucky!!
Our fire brigade out here is Voluntary.
I dont know about other towns.
How lucky are we that we have trained dedicated people willing to give up their time to keep us safe. And the employers of these people, that give them jobs to support their families knowing that they willl be called away from their jobs at any time to protect the communtiy!!
What a privilege that these people feel the desired to protect us.
Thank you.


kerry said...

Jodi i hope that they dont come any closer to your place or anyone elses thinking of you chik.TAke care Kerry xx

AmandaMcGregor74 said...

glad that you are all OK. How freaky is Emelia's little sleep walking adventure......very wierd...but good to see too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jodi
My name is Bridgette, a scrappy friend of mine sent me your blog saying she read your story about the gunne fires and knowing that i live in gunne too,the fires were scary and too close to many homes and am glad that everyone was safe,
I am pleased to see a local scrapper online woohoo! your pages are gorgeous
Chat soon


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