Monday, November 9, 2009

A Lesson in other Coultures...... Christmas List Update!!!

Did anyone else watch Operah today?
She gave us a lesson on some of the most famous people in the world!!
And remarkably, not from America!! (Shock horror)
She featured this guy
Nacho Figueras from
I looked at his photos and thought... "Yeh, typical pretty boy, big deal!!"
Then he came out on stage for the interview!!!
Oh my goodness!!
His smile is increadible, and he has the most expresive eyes!!
And when he talks about his sport of Polo,
It makes you want to jump on a horse and go hit some balls!!!!
(The round ones that roll on the ground...!!)
He models for Raulph Lauren and brings awareness to his sport...
He says that through the modelling part, he gets to meet so many people and to share his passion for his sport and horses and such!!
All with such passion......
So i just thought id let you know, that im updating my chirstmas list...
I have now removed Taylor from New Moon
and also Zac Ephron
and adding Nacho Figueras

Please santa, I've been a very good girl!!!!lol

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Jules the Bling Princess said...

Since you don't want Taylor anymore, you can send him to me. You know my mailing address. Just mark him "URGENT DELIVERY"!!! (-: I don't mind keeping him warm for you. ROFL!!!!


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