Thursday, November 19, 2009

A photo shoot with my SON!!!!!!! This is HUGE!!!!

Now any of you who follow my blog
know how hard it is for me to get photos of my son
without his helmet & motorbike!!!
Well, i have done it!!

We had a trial run on Teagans Formal outfits...
So with a visit to the Jodi & Emelia Salon
Teagan was looking like an angel
and Joahua was so handsome in his gear!!!!
I set up a studio in my shed
and took some photos....

Here are a few of them.......
Don't look look gorgeous!!!!!


phillipa said...

Beautiful pics Jodi!! Teagan looks so lovely.

Zanes Blog said...

What a handsome man, just like his uncle!!!!!

Jules the Bling Princess said...

I'm so happy for you that you finally got some photos. They both look gorgeous together. Can't wait to see what you scrap with them.

Lisa A said...

WOW Jodi great photos, maybe you should put professional photography to your cv, great job, now i know where i can come when i need some professional photos done

Annette said...

great pics Jodi... what a thrill for you ... to get that handsome lad of yours ... looking so handsome and his very pretty girlfriend... well done ... proud Mum

Brigitte said...

They both look soo gorgeous !!
i can already imagine those will be scrapped a lot :)

can't wait to see that !!

Brigitte G.


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