Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stop and smell the flowers

I walk outside and the scents in the garden are beautiful!!
How do you capture that smell in photos...
I love Orange blossoms, so beautiful and sweet....
Then you look below your feet and there are Jacaranda flowers
carpeted everywhere over the backyard..
Its a beautiful time of year in the garden...
And guess what!!!
I came back inside and tried to get a sneaky photo of Josh
(Like i do whenever i have the camera out!!)
and look!!!
He looked at me and smiled!!!
OMG!!! Finally i get to scrap a photo of him!!
Fair enough.. there are earphones, but its not a helmet and we get to see his face!!

1 comment:

passion4pink said...

How lucky are you to capture this!
He's a very handsome young guy!


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