Monday, August 29, 2011

The Colour Room - Palette #73

My time with The Colour Room
Revolving Door Artist Continues....
This weeks reveal is:
 (Which was on Friday! Running a little late with blogging about it! Whoops!)

"Love at First Sniff"

The Story Behind this photo:

This is when we moved into the house we live in now. In was 2000 and there were these horses in the paddock behind us. Emelia was 6 and this horse is Cimmi, who when Emelia was 14 started riding and Cimmi helped save Emelia from some very bad choices!!! We say that Cimmi saved her life. Cimmi passed away last year and she was 33 years old! I wish Emelia had started riding her when they first met, but we didn't know who owned these horses and didn't find out until Emelia was 14 that it was someone id known really well all along!! But things happen for a reason... maybe Emelia was meant to experience what she did at a young age because she will and has gone on to help other young girls making silly choices with their lives.

Here is the palette and Sketch

Why dont you come along and play with us...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tee Pee Cards....

 Now you all know that Im not much of a cardie....

But now that I am on the KaiserCraft Design Team,
Ive had to "Life my game" and really try to push myself with my card making....

So I thought I would share with you my Creative Card Post at Kaisercraft..
So do you want to learn how to make one of these cute Tee Pee Cards.?

Head over for my tutorial at KaiserCraft Blog

Totally Cute hey! :)

An Emelia Update.....

Hi there...
Just thought I would share this photo of Emelia and some of her "Rodeo Friends"
As you know, she is attending College at Emerald Ag College.
A major part of the social scene at Ag College
are the rodeos.....
I remember when I too was Emelia's age and did the exact same thing..
Infact, the belt Emelia is wearing here is the exact same belt I used to wear to Rodeo's...
She gets so many comments on her "Vintage" belt.
It's a hand punched & painted leather belt with silver binding wrapped around the edges.
And look at what they are wearing!
Last night we had the heaters and jumpers on 
and they are up at Capella Rodeo in singlets!!!
I wonder if I will get a call next week needing money for cough medicine!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Ventures.... New Beginnings.....

I just thought i would share some things that are going on with me at the moment..
Things are a bit quiet on the home front,
but there are a few things in the air...

I am in the process of opening up a shop in Gunnedah.
Ive been operating my business Back to Balloons for 8 Years
and Wedding Elegance for 6 or 7 Years from home.
Its been really great!
Ive been home for when my kids get home from school
and we have all shared so much time together.
It was a wonderful business to do from home, with plenty of money coming in and no overheads.

But now Emelia is away at school and Josh is working,
Im really looking for some more stimulation.
So i decided to take the next step and move into the CBD.

At the moment, Im still gathering quotes and things on shop fit out.
There is another lady coming in with me to share the premises..
She has a Beauticians, so that's really awesome!
No excuses any more for that way ward monobrow!!! haha

Its a slow process though, its like 2 steps forward 1 1/2 steps back 
but surely its all going to come together soon.

The new venture will be called Enchanted Events & Balloons.
I cant wait, I can see it all in my head and it looks AWESOME!
I decided today that i want to do a Zebra Print feature wall!!! Hehe
How groovy is that!!!
Watch this space, will share more as it happens!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Chinese Whispers with Scrappin Bridge

It seams like such a long time ago that I participated in a 
Chinese Whispers Challenge
The idea is that she sends a layout to one person, they lift that layout (Or use it as inspiration for their layout),
then that persons layout goes to the next person where the process
is repeated and so forth....

The fabulous Leanne Emailed me her layout
(Go to her blog to see a copy of that layout)
and i used that as inspiration for my layout...


I then emailed my layout to 
(Go check out what she did with her layout)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Layout Share

Here are a couple of layouts i did recently that i cant remember sharing yet...
This one is:
"I Smile"

Featuring my darling Hubby Stu...
This was a Sketch from Scrap With V Scrapbook Kits.

And this one..

Featuring Matthew....

News on that front....
No good news I'm afraid.
The guy that did this to Matthew gets sentenced in the next 3 weeks
and i can go into long drawn out raves about the injustice of it all.
Not just the crime, but also the investigation, the police reports and every other injustice in this whole mess.
Suffice to say, 5 years in goal at the governments expense  seams no sentence
at all, when you are left a paraplegic
and severe brain damage with no hope for rehabilitation
and you have to pay yourself to live in an Aged Care Hostel
that's illequiped to handle a young brain damaged man...
Yep, 5 years at governmental expense is nothing!

Haha, funny titles for layout, with the bad news that followed!!!! 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Revolving Door Artist for "The Colour Room"

How excited am i this month
to be a Revolving Door Artist for
The Colour Room..
I am sharing this spot with another awesome scrapbooker
called Felicity W from CQ

This is my very first TCR Reveal...

Here is the Palette...

Clear here to play along

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sketchabilities Sketches - Sketch 53

Its Sketchabilities Time again!!!
I love how this challenge site starts with the first ketch on the 15th and the final on the 30th
of the month!

This is my layout from Sketch #53
"Its Tummy Tickle Time"

And here is the sketch...

Load up your sketch here
to be in the running for great prizes! 

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Colour Room Featured Layout Palette #70

Imagine my surprise this morning to wake up and
see this little piece of news in my inbox!!
A featured artist at 
"The Colour Room"
for my layout
"The Eyes"

Thank you so much for the feature...
Here is a bigger version..

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

KaiserCraft July Release - Hunt & Gather Collection

Kaisercraft has released this awesome range this month!
This is going to be a favorite in my house
being the "outdoorsy" people we are....

Gorgeous Double Sided Papers
Sticker Sheet
Journal Tags
61/2 Paper Pad
Rub Ons
Painted Chipboard
Corrugated Tags

Here are a couple of things i can show you....

This layout was at CHA
"Brilliant Idea"
The smaller writing says:  Note to Self: Camping in the winter in the pouring rain is never a

And here is some OTP work.
This was also featured at CHA
Its the Family tree which i covered in bits and pieces of papers
then covered in texture paste
stamped into the texture paste to create a wood finish
and painted layer upon layer to build up a bark effect..

More goodies to come soon....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Jolly Good Cause

This morning the Scrapping World was rocked by the tragic news of a family's loss.
Helen Jolly tragically lost her husband yesterday is a dreadful accident.
Anyone that has experienced this kind of sudden loss will understand the costs involved
in saying goodbye to our loved ones is extraordinary!
And needed immediately.
Even with Insurances and Super, there is a time delay in accessing funds and this causes a tremendous amount of stress and worry at a time when it really isn't needed.
A registered charity fund has been set up to Help Helen and her family at this time.
Sometimes when these things happen you want to do something, but are at a loss to figure out what.
This is a way we can have a real impact on helping this family.
Every little bit helps.
Australia is full of wonderfully talented scrappy people,
and if we can all put together and give a little something
it might help relieve the family a little and they can grieve without the worry of money.

If you would like to help,
a Facebook page has been established under the name of
"A Jolly Good Cause"
And you will find details for donations on the "Info" page.

If you have trouble accessing that page,
please email me personally on
and i can send you the details.

A big thank you goes out to Anne-Marie Cox and Tracey Shenton
 for their very fast actions of a wonderful idea.

Donations of $2 and over are tax deductible and this is a registered Charity Fund.

New Kaisercraft for August - Miss Nelly Collection

This months Kaisercraft Collections Release are amaising!!!

Fist we have for those floral lovers...

There are double sided papers
6 1/2" Paper Pad
Sticker Sheet
Journal Tags
Canvas Tags
Rub ons
3D Chipboard
Die Cut Paper
and Clear Stamps in this range.

Here are some things i made with them....

This card..
which features a folded paper flower.
"Let's Celebrate"

And closer of the folded paper flower...

This layout features photos from a couple of years ago.
This was the final day of my 365 days photo challenge..
Emelia & I dressed as fairies...
"Fairy Magic"

This is another card with a different type of folded flower...
"Live for Today"

Then these Mannequins are a new release this month..
These were made to feature at CHA.

Stay tuned for the other release this month of the
Hunt & Gather Collection

For tips and hints
why not download this months workshop Magazine

You will find the link here

Monday, August 8, 2011

Wheelchair Adventures with Matthew.... Trip number 3

We headed to Narrabri again today.
A specialist came to Narrabri to talk to Matthew about the impact his accident has had on his day to day living!!! Its kinda evident isn't it!! But lets hope this all leads to some help for him.
She thinks that he may qualify for some assistance with specific purpose built chair, bed etc
so that will be great for him

After all the official stuff
we mounted Matthew in the COMFORT wheelchair this time
and headed again to town

Mum joined us today,
so she was the bag carrier and i was the pusher...

 This is the Comfort Wheelchair
Its half the size again of the regular chair
with alot more padding

But his legs are resting out the front which makes negotiation around shops and things a bit more difficult.

Here we are at the peak of the Bridge heading to town.
The main street is one street over again from the bottom of the bridge.
Gosh, if that other chair was hard, this chair was nearly impossible!!
Plus, we had a flat Tyre!!
With no where around to pump it up!
We would veer right all the time and i was afraid at one stage i was going to loose him by tipping him sideways out of the chair!!!

Seeing as its Mum's Birthday on Saturday and we aren't going back over again till next week, I thought that we should take Matt shopping for Mums Birthday Pressie.
(A Little birdie told me Mum was nearly out of French Perfume)
So we negotiated our way around the chemist that had wheelchair access...
After i moved furniture to get around the gondolas! 
We found the Good stuff and the lovely staff we so helpful!
We must have sniffed 20 different perfumes!
All three of us!!
And we finally all decided on one Mum liked
So they gift wrapped it for us..
Matt also wanted to get some stink pretty for himself
and prompty opened it and gave himself a dozen sprays!!!
All I smelt on the way home was Cool Water!! (Very Noice!)

So then we went to the Bakery for a birthday lunch
We had little fairy cakes with candles.
Mum blew out the candles and we sung Happy Birthday!!
Matt is telling everyone Mum is 169 this weekend!!
She looks good for her age! :)

Then we "surprised" Mum with her pressie
and she acted appropriately surprised!!! Hehe

Matt really enjoyed the birthday Fair Cake...

The evidence of which he wore all over his face!!!

Seeing as I hadn't spat Matthew out of his chair he took the gamble on walking home again.
We made it fairy event free.
So this trip was a success!
Next time we will make sure the tyres are pumped up!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Colour Room Palette #70

Last night i decided to do some just for fun scrapping!!!
My choice was to play along with this weeks colour palette at
This is Palette #70

"Its all in the Eyes"

I misted the background with two different pinks which gave an apricot finish
And then just layered the papers, photos and embellies from there
added some doodling...
Haven't doodled in such a long time. Don't even know what possessed me to do it. 
But you know how it is with scrapping, sometimes we just pull this stuff out from nowhere!!!

Here was the palette.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wheelchair Adventures with Matthew.... a new series bought to you by Jodi!

I haven't shared this story yet.....
And its kinda funny!

Anyway, on Sunday last weekend the 31st
I headed over to Narrabri to see Matt.
I thought i would just take him for a walk in the wheelchair.

I was thinking before i went that we could go to the Movies..
Captain America was on at 2pm. But I thought about what happened last time Matt was
out of the home for a few hours and it was so tiring for him. 
So instead I intended just to go for a walk down the river which was about a kilometre away from the home.
I jsut wore my trackies, cause we were just walking...

Here we are heading off..

So off we went.
The nurses put Matt in a normal wheel chair because they thought it would be easier to push. He had to be lifted into the chair with the mechanical lifter because Matt cant support his own weight at all.
We used a shower strap  (Or Bull Rope) as Matt calls it, to
secure him to the chair incase he fell forward.
So Off we went... We got to the end of the road
and then turned to head to the river.
Matt was saying that he was sure the footy was on that day. So I said to him, we will go for a walk up over the Bridge and we can see from there if it was on or not.
So we went right past the river and up onto the Bridge over the River.
No Footy.
So we decided seeing as we were this far away we would head up to the main street and 
"Chuck a Lap up the Main"
(note: Im still pushing this bloody chair!!)
So we started at one end of the main street and walked right through looking and shops and things. Then we got to the end where the supermarket is and Matt decided he would like to do some shopping.
So with the wheel chair we went shopping.
I was pushing the chair, so i tried to get Matt to hold the Basket...
It was ok until it started to get a bit heavy and then Matt didnt have the strength to hold it. So i am pushing the wheelchair and carrying the shopping basket, which was soon the shopping bag!
The bag drags on the wheel too by the way! Have to carry the bag and push the wheelchair at the same time!
Then coming out of Coles, i was heading back to the home.
Matt says. "I wouldn't mind going to see Captain  America, thats on today!"
I looked at my watch and it was 2.15. I told him, ok, 
if we run we might get in before the movie is on too long.
So we run/walk pushing the wheelchair to the cinima which was probably another 1 1/2kms away.
Also, during this time every now and then i hear this ripping...
I look down and Matts foot has come off the footpegs. He has no feeling in his right leg and had no idea that it was dragging along the ground under the wheelchair!
I stop and investigate and find this bloody foot dragging along!
So i left it up and put it back on the footpeg.
Running to get to the picutes,,,,
drag drag drag..
Stop and put the foot back on
Run to the cinema
Drag drag drag..
You get the picture!
So anyway, we get to the pictures and go to pay.
"Two Adults" the girl asks...
No, one adult and one pension!!!
I suppose that could be a common mistake!
So we get into the Cinema and settle into the movie.
Wheelchair seats are right at the base of the screen, so you have to look up to see the picture.
My brother has no core strength at all!!!
To lift his head was nearly imposible!
To hold it there... well... not gonna happen.
So to see the screen, Matthew shimmys his way down in the chair so he can see up.
Fine for the first 5 mintues
But he has no core strength, so cant hold that position.
So he is sliding out of his chair!!
Bear in mind, they lift him into this chair with a mechanical lifter!
So I spent the whole time at the pictures, trying to keep Matthew from slipping to the floor where i would never be able to retrieve him!!!
At the end of the movie, a nice man finally offered to help and toegtehr we were able to get him into the chair enough to wheel him out of the Cinema!
But he was so tired and just couldnt hold himself in the chair anymore.
So we had to ring the Wheelchair Cab to come pick us up to take us the 3 or so kms back to the home.
But he had knocked off for the day and was out burying a horse he had to put down! 
(Poor family!)
But the lovely man said that he would be there in 10 minutes!
In the mean time, Matthew has slid from his chair again!
I had tried everything to get him back in! My back and arms were killing me trying the lift him!
In the end i rang my dear friend Jo to come and help!
Thank goodness she was in a poisiton to come right away and toegther we got him back into his chair!!!
Then the cab turned up and we went back to the home!
Oh My Goodness!!!
I have a new appreciation for fulltime carers!
Its so hard!
The paths are so rough!
All the wheelchair access shops, really arnt that accessible!!!
And there is very little common courtesy anymore to help people!
All during the movie i was trying to get Matt back into his chair and it wasn't until the movie was over that someone took the moment to stop and ask to assist me!
Matthew goes "Next time we will bring the other chair!!"
Hahaha Next time!!! OMG!
But yes, We will do it all again! We will use the comfort chair
that is twice the size of the other normal chair
but it sits back with the feet up and is totally padded!
So he cant slip out!
I woke up on Monday aching all over from pushing that chair and trying to lift Matt back into it!
But hey, my muscles are working and they are sore because i was active!
Poor Matt was sore because his body doesn't work at all and he was just trying to sit for a for hours!
It certainly makes you thankful for what you have!!!
Stay tuned for more Wheelchair adventures

Gingerscrapstreet - Style Runway by Jodi Dolbel (July Edition)

Sharing July's Story with you from Gingerscrapstreet

"Style Runway by Jodi Dolbel"

Style Runway
Jodi Dolbel
Remember back when scrapbooking was about big paper scrapbooks and cutting out pictures from wrapping paper? No? Ok is that just me that has been scrapping for so long? The choices artists have with their scrapping styles today is endless. Every month it seems the scrapbook industry comes across a new “catch phrase” to describe scrapbooking styles. Just a couple of days ago I heard of a new style called Steampunk!! However, that is way too new for this little black duck to talk about so I will stick with a few of the more traditional styles we see in Traditional and Digital Scrapbooking.

Friendly Dragonfly by Michelle
Digital Supplies: Papers: A Bit of Grunge No.2 Paper Pack by Katie Pertiet (Designer Digitals,) Collection Manuscrite by Katie Pertiet(Designer Digitals), Gold Paper from Americana Mini Kit by Heather Ann Designs (, Elements: Dragonfly from Cute Critters Elements by Stacy St. Felix, Alpha: Softly Rimmed Alpha by Sahlin Studio (The Lilypad), Templates: Artsy Layered Template 13 by Anna Aspnes (Designer Digitals), Template Inspiration 4-3-11 by Katie Pertiet (Designer Digitals), Software: Adobe PSE8, Fonts: Futura, Gill Sans.
Design Notes: I used two different templates, one for all the photo masking and one for the filmstrip at the bottom, which made it easier to blend the photos and elements. I made the background dragonfly paper myself using the dragon fly element with filterto turn into a sketch, colorized it and then blended it into the background paper using blending modes.
Journaling: Part of the fun of our first visit to xxxxxxx Park (on my birthday) was just exploring the big open space and enjoying God’s creation. We walked together across the grass and saw lots of squirrels — then we spotted this amazing little guy. We stopped to see how close we could get, and it just let us keep getting closer and closer until James was able to pick it up. It was the friendliest dragonfly we'd ever seen! The kids were fascinated (and so were we). 10/12/07.

Under-Waterworld By Ulla-May Berndtsson
Digital Supplies: Kits: Ocean and Ocean Add On by Dawn Inskip (Scrapbookgraphics), Brushes: Ocean Brushes by Dawn Inskip (Scrapbookgraphics), Software: Adobe Photoshop CS4, Fonts: Highland Perk.
Design Notes: I used an adjustment layer and blending modes to turn the photo of the child into a silhouette.
Journaling: (Swedish) My husband and I spent a week in Denmark together with our grandchildren in June 2009. This photo is from a visit at Nordsea Oceanarium in Hirtshals.

Goggle Boy by Karen Grose
Supplies: Paper: Bo Bunny, Cardstock: Bazzill Basics, Chipboard: Bo Bunny, Alphabet Stickers: Bo Bunny, Rub-Ons: Bo Bunny, Flowers: Lollipop Flower (My Vintage Blossoms), Journaling Spots: Mum of 2 Boys, Stickers: Bo Bunny, Ribbon: My Vintage Blossoms, Lace: My Vintage Blossoms, Other: Yellow doily.
Design Notes: Paint your background with texture paste (I added blue paint to mine), and before it dries use a stamp to create an effective background in your paint. Using a credit card to smear the paint on also creates a "grungy" feel to the background.

Sometimes the style we use for a page may be dictated by the reason we are scrapping these photos in the first place.
Shawn’s “Hero” layout is a collage design. The purpose of this layout is to commemorate the actions of our service workers on September 11th. This collage style tells the whole story, there is no need for journaling or dates and this event is so well known, just those two tall buildings the layout is based on is all that is needed.
Laurel’s layout about her pregnancy is similar to a diary style. With one feature photo and lots of journaling to describe the day she gave birth to her darling son. Both these layouts could also be classified as classic clean and simple in design. They feature square photos and are placed on a solid background. Embellishments are kept to a minimum. It’s the photo and the journaling that actually stand out.
Valeri’s “Hipstamatic” layout is classified as a Ephemera style. Digitally it is photo collage like the “Hero” layout, but it features Vintage colouring and an eclectic style with lots of journaling, busy embellishments and placed on angles.

Hero by Shawn Snowdon
Digital Supplies: Kit: Boy Oh Boy by Barbara Ryan (My Memories), Software: My Memories Suite, Other: Images from Google, Fonts: Consolas.
Design Notes: Placing images in a collage arrangement and framing with blocked color draws the eye inwards through the layout.
Journaling: God Bless our Heros

Pregnancy Journal - Benjamin in Finally Here by Laurel Flechtner
Digital Supplies: Paper: Kraft cardstock by Crystal Wilkerson (Two Peas in a Bucket), Template: Cathy Zielske's Layered Template #38 (Designer Digitals), Brushes: Frankie Alphabet Brushes and Stamps by Cathy Zielske (Designer Digitals), Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5, Fonts: Arial.
Design Notes: Using the same template for all of my pregnancy pages creates a uniform look for this scrapbook diary.
Journaling: Today was finally the big day!! I got up at 6AM to take a shower and call the hospital to make sure they had room for me. They had room, so we left for the hospital. Alison was spending the night with my parents at the motorhome, so she was in good hands. When we arrived at the hospital, we did a little paperwork and got my bracelet and then they took us to the triage room. They checked me out and did their prep work there. Then they took me into the operating room. I was hoping they would let Kurt be with me when they did the spinal, but they didn’t. All the nurses and doctors were really nice though, so it wasn’t too bad. Needles into my spine make me extremely nervous though, which is no surprise. The spinal was weird. It took effect quite quickly. I could still feel people touching me, but I couldn’t feel cold or pain. They got me loaded onto the operating table and then they let Kurt come in. I was very glad to see him. The surgery seemed like it took forever, but I’m sure it wasn’t much over 30 minutes or so. Mr. Benjamin Richard Flechtner was born at 10:18AM. I was so happy and cried like a baby. He was 7 pounds, 9 ounces and 19.3 inches long. About an inch longer and 9 ounces heavier than Alison was when she was born. After they finished up with the surgery, they moved me into the recovery area while Kurt went with Benjamin to the nursery. After they moved me to the regular room, I was really sick that night and into the next day. I assume it was because of the spinal. Barfing several times after having abdominal surgery is not what I would call fun. Benjamin decided he wanted to be a pill about breastfeeding. He was refusing to open his mouth enough to get a good latch, so I was really sore. The lactation nurses gave me some good advice though, so that helped a lot. I was in the hospital until Monday, April 25. This time, they remembered to take the security tag off the baby before we tried to leave. We almost set off the alarms when we were leaving with Alison, so I was paranoid about it this time. I was very happy to finally get home. Our little family of four is now complete and we’re thrilled to pieces!

Hipstamatic by Valeri Drewett
Digital Supplies: Kit: Focused On You by Cilenia Curtis (Digital Designer Shop), Template: Focused On You by Cilenia Curtis (Digital Designer Shop), Software: Adobe PSE6, Fonts: Sylfaen, Jane Austen, Rough_Typewriter, BlackJack, MTF Whimsy, Qarmic Sans, High Tower Text.
Design Notes: I knew I wanted to use as many pictures as I could fit on this layout and using the template helped to keep the shape of the layout together. I doubled the template, added extra rows as needed and shrunk it all down to fit in the space I wanted to use. I didn’t add too many elements to the page and kept the journaling simple, so that the pictures told the story.
Journaling: Captured in the I of a Phone. Every moment becomes possible to capture with a camera phone.

Another style of scrapping that is really popular is Shabby Chic and can often be a combination of so many other styles such as Vintage and Romantic. This style combines lots of patterned papers usually softened with some kind of distressing. It can also feature softer pastels and neutrals with embellishments that can range from flowers to items you would find in Grandmothers sewing box!! Buttons, threads, metal accents and ribbons. Tanya’s layout “I love you Rebecca Lynn” is a good digital example of this style whereas Karen’s layout “You are so special” is a good representation of this style in the traditional scrapbooking form.
The term “White Space” is used to describe a layout that has a large area of just color with no embellishments or photos also known as empty space. This white space often spans several scrapbooking styles. Brandi’s “Celebrate This Moment” layout is a good example. Although the “White space” in this instance shades from light grey to black, it is still white space and she has used a Playful Charm style which incorporates bright colors and whimsical accents.

I Love You Rebecca Lynn by Tanya Deskins
Digital Supplies: Kit: Pink Treasures by WendyP Designs (7th Heaven), Template: Pink Treasures by WendyP Designs (7th Heaven), Software: Adobe Photoshop CS4, Fonts: Century Gothic.
Editor's Note: Clusters and repeating photos in varying sizes renforce the theme of your layout.
Journaling: It seems not that long ago that you were just a tiny baby. You are and always will be my baby, but you are growing and blossoming right before my eyes. You have done a lot of maturing this year. I am very proud of you as I watch you form closer relationships with friends, starting to take on an identity of your own. I am honored to be your mother and I am so blessed to have you in my life. I love you, Rebecca Lynn, more than I could ever tell you. Thank you. Thank you for being you.

You are So Special by Karen Shady
Supplies: Paper: Kaisercraft, Cardstock: Bazzill Basics, Chipboard: Kaisercraft Wood, Die Cuts: Kaisercraft, Pearls: Kaisercraft, Brads: Making Memories, Specialty Paint: Tim Holtz crackle paint, Ink: Tim Holtz distress ink. Tools: Die Cut Machine: Sizzix, Dies: Spellbinders, Border Punches: Martha Stewart, Other: Tim Holtz distressing tool
Design Notes: When fussy cutting flowers from a paper, I usually purchase 2 sheets, cut out the image twice, then using foam dots, adhere one on top of the other, giving it a paper tole look.
Journaling: The little girl who would become my Mum.

Celebrate this Moment by Brandi Sutherlin
Digital Supplies: Kit: Celebrate Life Collaboration: The Birthdays by various designers (freebie from My Scrapbook Art), Template: Journal Your Heart by Lilly Lane Market (Celebrate Life Collaboration at My Scrapbook Art), Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5, Fonts: Orator Std.
Editor's Note: The banner and ribbons really add to the celebration feel of Brandi's layout.
Journaling: February 1, 2011

A style that is gaining more popularity at the moment is the fantasy layout. This style has found its place solidly in the Digital Scrapbooking world due to the complexity of the elements used to create this kind of layout.
There are a couple of different styles of the fantasy layout. Helen’s “Once Upon A Dream” layout is quiet complex in how she achieves this style. Typically, this style features whimsical and fantasy papers and embellishments, usually depicting a certain scene. The artist has to take a photo with the elements in mind, remove the subject of the photo from the background of the original photo and then place it in this scene that has been created by the artist from elements of the digital kit. The finished product though is something from a fairy tale!
The layout "Sweet Cherry" by Agnieszka is similar. She has used the same photo in two different ways on the same layout. The base photo has been given a faded out finish with an overlay and transparent embellishments. It’s such a magical layout with a beautiful feel to it. This is a style that I personally would love to have a play with!

Sweet Cherry by Agnieszka Nadel
Digital Supplies: Kit: Sweet Sweet Sweet by Fanfan-rue des anges (Digiscrapbooking), Software: Adobe PSE6.
Design Notes: I like to create layouts that are magical, cute and yet delicate and sometimes realistic, depending on the photo.

Once Upon A Dream by Helen Hancock
Digital Supplies: Kit: Fairies Of The Flower Field Part 4 by Magical Reality Designs (Pickleberrypop), Software: Adobe PSE6.
Design Notes: This photo was taken with my daughter positioned sitting on the couch. I quickly cut my daughter from the photo using a 'magic extraction', and then placed her in the layout to create this magical scene.

The Overlook by Kimberly Morris
Digital Supplies: Kit: In a Boy's World by Sugar Pie Scraps (Polka Dot Plum), Software: Adobe PSE7, Fonts: Blackjack.
Design Notes: The inspiration for this layout, was a photo of a wedding cake with flowers spiralling down the side. I clustered most of the elements in a similar fashion.
Journaling: You have always loved the overlook at Watagua lake. We have been taking you there since you were able to walk!

A fun style we see popping up is the Urban Grunge layout. Full of geometrical shapes, lots of slathered paint, twine and doodling. You will quite often see them featured with neutral colors. Grunge is a great way to feature the men in our lives through the use of colour and non feminine embellishments such as twine, grunge or word rub ons, staples and metal embellishments. Crystal’s Layout 15/12/2010 features a lot of the above with a large slather of black paint on the grid lines paper. The black and white photos really stand out against the black paint with the burlap and black and white ribbon softenening the finish. Tracey’s “It’s all about the Mess” layout has also used this grunge style but she has added some bright colors and lots of stamping! Jodi’s layout “All Natural” is a digital version of this style, and whilst it has less paint, it retains that grunge feel to it from the slather of stippled craft coloured paint across the paper.
Personally I find that the style I use to complete a layout will differ according to my mood or the photo I am using. I think it is important that we don’t get too “wrapped up” in what style we scrap! The most important thing is that we are preserving our precious memories for our future and the future of our loved ones. Though if you are looking for a change of style there are a few things that you can do. You can gather together images of layouts or pictures that inspire you or you want to recreate in scrapbooking form. Look for papers and embellishments that match your inspiration pictures and just go from there. I think the best advice I have ever been given is “there are no mistakes in scrapbooking”. If you love a certain style or a layout by an artist you admire, just sit down and attempt to replicate it with a scraplift. Most artists don’t mind sharing their work that might inspire other people, but if you do a “lift” and publish on your blog or gallery just make sure to give recognition to the person that inspired you. It’s just a common courtesy.

15/12/2010 by Crystal Goulding
Supplies: Paper: Kaisercraft, Alphabet Stickers: Fancy Pants, Rub-Ons: Basic Grey, Kaisercraft, Pen: Sharpie, Other: Ribbon, Hessian (Burlap), Staples, Fonts: Batik Regular.
Design Notes: : You don’t need lots of paper to create an interesting layout. Try using paint and rubons on your background and embellish with material, ribbons and some staples for something a little different!
Journaling: The best part of the birthday party is most definitely opening the presents. Everyone wants to get near the birthday girl.

It’s all About the Mess by Tracey Campbell
Supplies: Paper: Bo Bunny, Cardstock: Bazzill Basics, Alphabet Stickers: Doodlebug Design, Stickers: Bo Bunny, Paint: Making Memories, Ink: Momento, Markers: Zig, Pens: Angel Gel, Mist: Craftynotions Creative Colour Spray, Stamps: Kaisercraft.
Design Notes: To add a grungy, messy look to your layout, spill a bit of spray mist onto your layout and blow it around gently to create blobs of colour. Try an old toothbrush loaded up with paint to create some interesting effects when flicked at the cardstock. Ink up the edge of some cardboard and use it as a stamp to give you a messy lined border.
Journaling: Your first time trying to feed yourself ~ Bronte

All Natural by Jodi Dolbel
Digital Supplies: Kit: Winter Wishes by Jennifer Labre Designs (The Digichick), A Whimsical Garden by Kristen Cronin-Barrow (Sweet Shoppe Designs), Software: Microsoft Publisher 2007, Fonts: Arial.
Design Notes: I love layering elements and mixing different kits from different designers. To make the colors match between different kits in Microsoft Publisher, I just add or subtract contrast and brightness if the hue of the embellishment I want to use is a little different.
Journaling: Zane, so totally adorable. You don’t need to have any fancy clothes to be the cutest baby in the world!

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