Monday, August 1, 2011

Never a dull moment in Gunnedah....

 After over a month since I walked to the top of the lookout
due to sickness and then laziness,
so today was the day i decided to start back!
So i eventually made it to the top after a bit of huffing and puffing!!

I called in to check the big fella on the way home!
Its his birthday today...
I think he is 9? Or is it 10?  How long has he been around now???
Anyway, he had his rugs coming off him, goodness knows how he gets the rug under the outer rug off! Have no idea... He is Houdini this horse!!

I noticed he was a little jumpy. I tried to get his burrs out, but gave up because he was just too jittery!
So I walked off and he followed me to the fence... (Weird)
Then on the way home, right on the fence line i came across this...

A dead Mummy Kangaroo with her little baby!!
The joey was so anxious!
He was shaking and screeching  and carrying on a treat!
I rang Stu and he came out to check and said we should ring WIRES.
So i came home and rang them and they said i should try to catch him and they would come and pick him up later in the day.

So with blanket and gloves in hand
Me and Stu headed out to try to catch this little guy!!

Solo came to join in as well and he was a bit excited about the whole prospect!
The little joey started taking off down the fence line, so Solo went after him..
Trying the round him back to us.

The Joey would take off and Stu would sing out. "Go this way Solo, or go that way Solo. Stop there Solo. Go get him Solo" and Solo would do as he was told!

He picked it all up really quickly and knew what we were trying to do.
But alas, the poor little Joey ended up jumping out of the paddock 
and so far he hasn't come back to his mum.
We were hoping to catch him when he returned to his mummy....
Lets just hope he survives and finds another group of Roos the live with...


Jasmine S said...

Oh that is sooo sad. But lets believe he finds a new home and what a clever horse. Animal instincts are amazing.
And good on you for climbing to the top.

lindy said...

Happy B'day Solo you're in good company with all horses are a year older today...Poor little guy hope he get help soon ...have fun running up that hill Jodes!!!


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