Monday, August 8, 2011

Wheelchair Adventures with Matthew.... Trip number 3

We headed to Narrabri again today.
A specialist came to Narrabri to talk to Matthew about the impact his accident has had on his day to day living!!! Its kinda evident isn't it!! But lets hope this all leads to some help for him.
She thinks that he may qualify for some assistance with specific purpose built chair, bed etc
so that will be great for him

After all the official stuff
we mounted Matthew in the COMFORT wheelchair this time
and headed again to town

Mum joined us today,
so she was the bag carrier and i was the pusher...

 This is the Comfort Wheelchair
Its half the size again of the regular chair
with alot more padding

But his legs are resting out the front which makes negotiation around shops and things a bit more difficult.

Here we are at the peak of the Bridge heading to town.
The main street is one street over again from the bottom of the bridge.
Gosh, if that other chair was hard, this chair was nearly impossible!!
Plus, we had a flat Tyre!!
With no where around to pump it up!
We would veer right all the time and i was afraid at one stage i was going to loose him by tipping him sideways out of the chair!!!

Seeing as its Mum's Birthday on Saturday and we aren't going back over again till next week, I thought that we should take Matt shopping for Mums Birthday Pressie.
(A Little birdie told me Mum was nearly out of French Perfume)
So we negotiated our way around the chemist that had wheelchair access...
After i moved furniture to get around the gondolas! 
We found the Good stuff and the lovely staff we so helpful!
We must have sniffed 20 different perfumes!
All three of us!!
And we finally all decided on one Mum liked
So they gift wrapped it for us..
Matt also wanted to get some stink pretty for himself
and prompty opened it and gave himself a dozen sprays!!!
All I smelt on the way home was Cool Water!! (Very Noice!)

So then we went to the Bakery for a birthday lunch
We had little fairy cakes with candles.
Mum blew out the candles and we sung Happy Birthday!!
Matt is telling everyone Mum is 169 this weekend!!
She looks good for her age! :)

Then we "surprised" Mum with her pressie
and she acted appropriately surprised!!! Hehe

Matt really enjoyed the birthday Fair Cake...

The evidence of which he wore all over his face!!!

Seeing as I hadn't spat Matthew out of his chair he took the gamble on walking home again.
We made it fairy event free.
So this trip was a success!
Next time we will make sure the tyres are pumped up!!!

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Jasmine S said...

Sounds like a great adventure with the wheelchair.....hehe.
Fab photos and I am glad your Mum had Matthew had a nice time.
I think you sound like a really special sister/daughter.


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