Sunday, August 21, 2011

Layout Share

Here are a couple of layouts i did recently that i cant remember sharing yet...
This one is:
"I Smile"

Featuring my darling Hubby Stu...
This was a Sketch from Scrap With V Scrapbook Kits.

And this one..

Featuring Matthew....

News on that front....
No good news I'm afraid.
The guy that did this to Matthew gets sentenced in the next 3 weeks
and i can go into long drawn out raves about the injustice of it all.
Not just the crime, but also the investigation, the police reports and every other injustice in this whole mess.
Suffice to say, 5 years in goal at the governments expense  seams no sentence
at all, when you are left a paraplegic
and severe brain damage with no hope for rehabilitation
and you have to pay yourself to live in an Aged Care Hostel
that's illequiped to handle a young brain damaged man...
Yep, 5 years at governmental expense is nothing!

Haha, funny titles for layout, with the bad news that followed!!!! 


lindy said...

Love the smile lo great misitng ...thats so unfair about Matthew
hugs Lindy

Vicki said...

I hear you!!!It certainly is not fair...

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