Sunday, August 28, 2011

An Emelia Update.....

Hi there...
Just thought I would share this photo of Emelia and some of her "Rodeo Friends"
As you know, she is attending College at Emerald Ag College.
A major part of the social scene at Ag College
are the rodeos.....
I remember when I too was Emelia's age and did the exact same thing..
Infact, the belt Emelia is wearing here is the exact same belt I used to wear to Rodeo's...
She gets so many comments on her "Vintage" belt.
It's a hand punched & painted leather belt with silver binding wrapped around the edges.
And look at what they are wearing!
Last night we had the heaters and jumpers on 
and they are up at Capella Rodeo in singlets!!!
I wonder if I will get a call next week needing money for cough medicine!!!

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