Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Prima Flowers Give-Away

Here are the flowers
that are the give away to celebrate my
45000 hits....
See here for details

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

WOW 45000 Hits!!!!

I didn't even see this coming!
45,000 hits!!!
I should have done a blog give-away!

Hmmm, lemme think!
I do actually have something i can give away!

I have a bottle of Prima Flowers here.
A nice bottle with lots of different types of flowers.

So to celebrate hitting
45000 hits
anyone who leaves a comment on my blog
and is also one of my followers
will go into the draw for this.
I will share a photo tomorrow when its light to take the photo..

Book Reviews - The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner & Dead in the Family

The much anticipated short story
"The short Second Life of Bree Tanner"
by Stephenie Meyers
Tells us the story of Bree,
One of the Newborn Vampires created by Victoria to kill Bella
from the Twilight Series.
This was really enjoyable,
and although very short, it does give you a good look at the Newborn
Vampires and the way they lived.
Was great to get it read before i go see Eclipse on Thursday.
Really great read if your a Twilight Fan...

"Dead in the Family"
Book 10 in the Sookie Stackhouse Series.
I get the feeling this was one of those books that sets the scene for the next book.
So many unanswered questions!!!
And a whole heap of new characters to love, hate
and be terrified off???
Really enjoyable!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday's Sketches....

I LOVE sketches!!!
I find it so easy to scrap using sketches
You will notice on my blog
i have a huge list of sketch blogs...
So i have decided to have a play with sketches myself.

Over time i have been downloading free digital scrapping elements
and gradually building up what i have to use.
There are heaps of free places out there, you just have to look.

Also Basic Grey now have digital elements you can buy for as little as
70 cents from their site...

So i have decided to do up a sketch each week
and share it with you on Mondays...

This one is a little different though,
because rather than doing a traditional layout
i have done my first ever digital layout!!!

Here is the sketch - "Love"
And here is my digital layout....
I will do a traditional layout through the week and share it with you.

If you would like to join in on my Monday's Sketches
please do....
Email me your sketch and i will share them on my blog
and then pick a randon winner
and i will send them a RAK.

My email addy is:

Hope you have some fun with this...

Sale Sale Sale time........

Get in quick scrappers......
Scrap Therapy Sale is on
Lots of Bargains!!!
30%, 40% & 50% off
See here

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kissed By Snowflakes Débutante Ball

We started planning for this day in March 2009...
Here it is, 2.37am and i am pulling the 100 pins from my hair
and its all over.....

Well for another couple of months anyway
and then they have the
Deb of the Year...

But the year or more of planning for this night!!!
And now its morning!!!

You may have noticed that i haven't been as active on my blog
or with scrapping lately!!!
That's because i have been the co convenor
for the Deb this year.
Which means lots and lots of hard work
and sleepless night!!

From start to finish
we planned and made it all happen
the venue
the band
the lighting
the decorations
the bouquets
the bar
the tickets
the cleaning
the setting up
the pulling down
the making
the buying...
There were two of us and a small band of helpers which
were the Mums of the Debs.

And here are the finished products...

( I actually bought my dress from China on Ebay!!)
And it looked stunning on the night!
(A bit low in the fr0nt though... Puppies were hanging out all night!!)

Here is Emelia and her boyfriend Jesse
how gorgeous does Emelia look!
So perfect!
They looked so adorable!
Of course me and Emelia
Me & Stu
This is Emelias Deb Partner Robbie
Robbie and Emelia
Emelia and Jesse
Emelia looked stunning!!!
The dress so suited her!
And then this!
We started decorating several months ago!
There were 300 of those little snowflakes hanging from the ceiling.
We had a special gobo made
"Kissed by Snowflakes"
reflected on the floor.
With snowflakes underneath
About 30 little pine trees covered in fake snow
Mum and Ken made the 32 centerpeices from my design
Here is Emelia being presented to the Bishop!
She was very nervous about this part,
but she smiled and did very well
Here is the table for the specail guests
So its all over now...
Clean up was today! (This post has taken 2 days to complete!!)
Now i just have the miles and miles of material to wash and iron.
The next Deb will be 2nd of September for the
Deb of the Year!
No work for me with that one, we just turn up! Yay!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kissed by Snowflakes....

I so want to show you what i have been doing all day!!
But I cant.....
Wait until Saturday though and i will share some photos....

A bit of excitement today too...
I was woken from a sound sleep at 6.22am by the Today Show
Wanting an interview
It seams that the recent engagement of one of our local celebrities
has sparked interest in our little town
People are wondering what kind of facilities Gunnedah has to offer.
As the only Wedding Decorator/Consultant,
they rang me!
It was only 3 minutes of fame
that it seams was caught by alot of people recognising my name...
But all managed to do was promote another business in town that has a great location!!
Not to worry,
our Mayor has had a major ribbing from online news shows
when he offered a parade headed by the local Brass Band
and a reception at the Bowling Club!!! Too Funny!!
At least i gave then a romantic country setting for their nuptials...

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Busy Weekend

I had such a busy weekend!!!!

It started on Friday night with the
This is the Mystery Challenge I did....
"A Morning in the Mountains"
But thats all i did for the weekend...
Saturday was spent at Netball...
The 'Uncos" had a great game and
really played like a Netball team!!
Emelia had some really great moments!
I was so proud of her!!
This is her second year at Netball ever!
And this year she is in the Seniors
so they are doing well!!!
She plays the attackers usually...
Her catching is getting better and better
Then there are moments like this...
I think the statement was
"So where do i throw it"
Add Video
Then after Netball, it was straight home to pick up Solo
and they headed out to a friends place
for some jumping....
Solo loves to jump!!
So does Emelia
Straight out of the paddock without a decent ride since the show
and look at him go!!!
Then the poor bugger coped me!!
Emelia made me jump!
But we just did a little tiny one
and that frightened the crap out of me!!
You'd think Emelia got have got me face on
rather than the back end....
Not very flattering, but i had to share!!!
Then on Sunday it was the start of months of planning...
The Débutante Ball Emelia is making
next Friday Night.
Myself and another lady are Conveyors this year!!
OMG, this is the biggest job!!!
Months of planning, and scheduling, rehearsals,
money, money, money.....
Headaches headaches headaches....
But Sunday was set-up day..
I cant show you full photos, as we want it to be a surprise..
But believe me, this is breathtaking!!!
The theme is
"Kissed By Snowflakes"
Get ready for more photos on Saturday
when its all over for another year....

Week 25 - "Celebrating Teens" I Heart Photos Challenge

This week at I heart Faces
they are
"Celebrating Teens"
Here is a photo of my Teen..
She always makes great photo fodder.....
Check out other Teens

Friday, June 18, 2010

Tomorrow When the War Began!!

Oh My God!!!!
I didn't even know they were making this movie!!
And its being release on 2nd September!!
I cant wait!

Book Review - The Immortals Series - Evermore & Blue Moon

Ive found more "Teen" novels....
I head straight for the Teen section now in the bookstores
to see whats new...
Here is a series i found last trip to KMart...
They tell the story of "Ever"
who died for a moment in a car crash
that say the death of the rest of her family....
Book 1 - Evermore....
Book 2 is Blue Moon...
Continues on with the first story
with the introduction of a new character...
Who may or may not be Evil....
I wont ruin the story for you
I quiet enjoyed these books.
I have started book 3, but after getting
Book 10 in the Sookie Stackhouse Series today
it will be put aside until i read this one..

Monday, June 14, 2010

Bye bye my baby

So sad
Zane went home today....
But he has gone with memories of his weird Aunty
I pretend to nuzzle and bite his ear
and then say more...
and he leans in for another go...
This is what i was doing in this photo....

And here is a layout for the
Colour Room Palette 10
"Baby Bath Time"

I {Heart} Faces - "All About Babies" Challenge

Week 24
at I {Heart} Faces is
"All About Babies"
Here is my baby,
my dear nephew Zane.....
Check out the other babies

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The weekends Work....

Here are some layouts i did this weekend....
This one is Palette #9
Over at The Colour Room...
I always seam to run a week late with these...
"My Beauty"
And this one is a sketch set by Belinda
"Happiness Is....."

Zane's First, 1st Birthday Party!!!

Guess who is in town this weekend??
Go on guess.....
His name starts with Z...
Yes, Baby Zane!!
And he is one on Wednesday!!!!
So we had a party for him today!!!!
I bought him this little drum..
He daddy has been letting him play with his big drum kit since
the day he was bought home from hospital,
so he knows how to wield the drum sticks...
I thought it would be nice for him to have something
to practise on while Daddy is at work
Look at that hand action!!
He even went looking for the cymbals.
So we added a pot lid on the side and he would bang on the drum
and then bang on the cymbal....
He knows his stuff...
Then he would through the sticks
just like the pros do!!!!

Daddy is working on his electric guitar action this weekend
too with Poppy Ken,
so the band should be ok to go in maybe 8 years!!!

Of course Zane also has some balloons
And a set of NSW State of Origin Gear
Jersey and trackies
As with all parites, your allowed to have the food your not allowed
any other time of the year
First there was Fairybread!!
THEN chocolate!!!
Yumm Yumm!!
Then it was cake time......
Nanny helped blow out the candle
Then it was eating time...
Zane loved the cake!!!
After consuming both of the little rabbits paws
Nanny took the cake away and there were
big real tears!!!
Cousin Emelia had to get in on the Cake eating act too...
They had to see who could get the messiest.....
Close, but i think Zane won!!!
It was a lovely little party!
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